Carbon wheels advice

Hi I need a quick advice. I am looking for a carbon wheels and I can’t decide which one to get. I am 65 kg, so crosswind stability may be an issue. I live in a area where it is flat and winds are small.

One pick is:

Prime 50 black

  • new

  • ease tubeless

  • 50 mm

  • good customer support(crash replacement)

  • overall good package

Or more crazy pick Reynolds Stike Slg 62mm

  • DEEP but heard that stable

  • more aero

  • better brand

  • used but said to be used very little

  • no crash replacement

  • heard that getting it tubeless is a nightmare

  • better price ( Can get them around 800$)

Here are photos of used Reynolds. Is the break track in good condition?

How are your bike handling skills?

at 65kg, I personally wouldn’t go that deep (62mm). 50mm top. I’d go 40 or 45.

I’m 78kg, and ride FLO 60s. no issues at all, but need to be careful when windy.

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My handling skills are quite good.
I ve ridden roval 64 for 1 hour in a bit of wind and it was fine but I am not sure.

If tubeless is a route that you’re seriously considering, I would avoid the Reynolds wheels. Even the easiest tubeless setups I’ve done on Reynolds wheels were pretty difficult, and wouldn’t be something that I’d want to try and fix on the side of the road. Just my opinion/experiences.

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Hey Jakub,

Assuming you’re in Poland, have you looked at the NoLimited Wheels? I tested a set of their 50s earlier in the summer and was pretty happy with them in the wind - I ended getting a pair of their wheels for XC racing and so far so good. I think their 50s with DTSwiss 350 rims run about 4000PLN new and they often have deals on their website. If you’re looking used there are also some used Zipp 303s on Allegro…

Aside from that - I’d look at inner rim width too especially if you can fit 28mm tires on your rim brake bike…

Hi Jakub,

I have recently bought a set of Edco Prosport Albis wheels , they are 50mm deep rims and very stable in very windy conditions when i used them last Sunday on a 100+ miler sportive, weight is 1599g for the wheelset, link to a pic of them on my bike , they are very good and i run tubeless.

Reynolds clinchers are just as maddening. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Check U tube for a deep dive in wheel aerodynamics by Hambini. Towards the end he displays a chart showing which wheels are the most aero.

I’m a lighter rider like you, and I’ve been eyeing the Hunt Aero Wheels. They’re super affordable, have pretty great reviews from what I’ve read (and what I’ve heard at gran fondos), and they’re also UCI-approved. Not that I’ll be in any UCI events any time soon, but I feel like that approval gives them more credibility than other wheels (or perhaps it is purely marketing speech and I’m talking out my ass).

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I’m around 68-70kg and ride DT Swiss 1400s that come in at 62mm depth. On the weekend I was out in 25kph winds with gusts to 40 and was surprised how stable they were. Infact I hadn’t really noticed any adverse effects and it wasn’t till towards the end of the ride that I thought ‘oh, its been windy’.

If they hadn’t come on the bike though I would have probably picked something closer to 50mm. I think its pretty safe to say that a badly shaped shallower rim will be way worse in crosswinds than a well shaped deeper rim.

I think there is some good discussion here:

I was looking on hunts, but I read hambini test and they performed really bad. Primes are really good in this test and also have uci approval. Maybe I will wait for good bontrager aeolus 5 offer because they are exactly what i want.

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I am a big fan of this test and a new 1 hour video on his yt channel explaining it.

Ah yeah, I hadn’t seen that test and now it has me questioning picking up those Hunts. Looks like the light bicycles wheels are pretty solid, and are similarly affordable to the Hunt wheels. Went through their tool to customize some with bling options, and they were still around $1k. No UCI-approval though.

Before you read too much into the Hambini tests, and I don’t want to wade in there, keep in mind that the degree of difference between these wheels is minimal in most cases unless you’re looking at outliers.

There is a lot of crap being thrown around those tests, including by the author of the tests, which - to me - doesn’t speak well. If you can’t politely ignore, defend or accept criticism then you can’t be open to the type of discourse that is necessary to reach a scientific consensus.

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I bought used Bontrager aeolus pro 5. They are in great condition and I am very happy with the performance of these wheels. But the biggest improvement is the looks of the bike. I can’t stop looking at it now.


r/bikeporn :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey Jakub,

Looks great. Where’d you buy the Bontragers from and, if yo don’t mind, what’d you end up spending? How do they brake in the wet?

Saw a sale on Bike24 and was really thinking about the plunge…

4000 zł On olx (Polish Ebay kinda) with swissstop brake pads and bontrager skewers. I also got the bontrager warranty for about 1,5 years and the guy ridden these wheels for about 700 km. Soo a very good deal.

Looks great! :slight_smile:

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Nice find for sure! They really look great on your bike.

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