Deep bruising still sore a few months on, how to clear?

Back in October 2018 I was out on my MTB when hopped a log and somehow caught my back wheel. Got bucked off bike and at about 17mph and landed full force onto the side of my thigh about halfway up. That turned into a bruise the side of my hand that lasted about 4-6 weeks.

Even now though the muscle is still tender to touch and feels a bit firm right where the bruise was. I have read a bit about calcium deposits forming after this sort of impact.

It isn’t stopping me doing anything but should I do anything about it and even can I do anything about it after all this time?

Honestly, the most painful (and effective for me) thing would be a deep tissue massage. A good one by someone familiar with cyclists will do wonders for clearing all that out.

At home treatment would be foam rolling and using the stick.


What dprimm said. You have scar tissue in there and it needs to be released. A good RMT with background in sports (soccer or rugby, football) would do since they get bashed around. It will be painful but it works.