Deciding between a Low and Mid Volume plan

I am returning to training after a 3-year break due to life getting in the way.
I want to train 5 to 6 hours per week and trying to decide which plan option is best:

  1. Low Volume plan, which is 3 workouts and then adding 2 outdoor rides per week
  2. Mid Volume plan, which is 5 workouts - doing 4 of them on the trainer and 1 as an outdoor ride

Go low, add Z2 as time and your body allow.


@Craig_Tapping Welcome!

You’re lucky. @rkoswald has just summarized about two years worth of back and forth discussion on the forum. After all the advice you get (which will range from “great”, to “meh”, to “yeah, I don’t think so”), never forget: “Go low, add Z2 as time and your body allow”


With the new add a workout functionality is it still add a z2 workout or add what it suggests for an endurance workout?

A z2 workout is an endurance workout.

Option 1, definitely…assuming you are doing the outdoor rides as endurance rides.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, just do 90-120 min endurance trainer ride.


Thank you for your answers, that has steered me in the right direction - 3 focused workouts on LV plan plus 2 Z2 rides per week.