Adding volume to a LV Base plan. Workout ideas?

Hello all,

I’m wanting to add a low intensity, endurance ride to my LV plan. I’ve not really got the time to commit to MV but 4 workouts is a good number for me. Can somebody recommend an actual trainer road workout that would suit this? Looking through the workouts it’s a bit of a mine field for me haha.

I do Mokelumne. It’s pretty average in terms of endurance, not too low, not too hight and the two sprints are nice to wake me up.

  1. Go to the web,
  2. Click the “Endurance” Zone filter.
  3. Add filters for Duration, to cut the list to something much more manageable in just a few seconds.
  4. Scroll and pick (or you can use the sort options at the top to get even more control).

Thanks chad. Didn’t even see that part of the library!

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Give a man a workout, he’s fit for a day…
Teach him to search for workouts, he’s fit for a lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I added a dedicated thread with the info I had added into a separate thread discussion a while back. This should be easier to find in the future.


Filter the workouts, so “Endurance” and then whatever duration you have time for. You should get a reasonable selection to choose from - selecting 1hr gives you 31 workouts for example. From those you get to choose between longer steady state workouts like Beech, those that continually vary like Baxter-1 or those that have “intervals” like Mont Albert.

Beaten by @mcneese.chad :grin:


You can also try extending your workout by adding in a lot of zone 2. Here is a recent workout (Old Rag +6) which I did outdoors. It is an easy way to increase TSS, and make the heart more efficient over longer rides. The workout was interrupted by a traffic light, but I managed to complete all the intervals.

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Thanks for the replies guys. I’ll have a look at the filter and add a workout in.

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Yes, I do that also. I add 20 minutes minimum to every workout and ratchet up the intensity to be whereever in Z2 I feel like. My LV plan turns into 9-10 hours per week with two added Z2 rides and the extended cooldown.

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Have you tried Long Fellow? :rofl:

When I do this, I add the LV plan as Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then I fill in Wednesday with the corresponding weeks ride from mid volume. It’s generally a Z2 ride.

Usually my Sunday is unstructured and outdoors but if I need to ride the trainer, I’ll refer to the Sunday ride from mid volume for that week.

Yeah I don’t have the time to commit to the MV but I can add one more ride easily, outdoors or indoors. But I’ll have a look at that taking the workout from a mid volume plan.