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The pro team cut is a good bit tighter than the core or classic cut from Rapha. I wouldn’t recommend sizing down in a pro team cut unless you really want something that’s ‘painted on’ in terms of fit.

Thanks. They’ve made it so confusing. The size chart recommendations for M, L, XL etc are the same for Pro and regular etc, which is good, but then there is no way I should be buying the size I’ve always been buying from Rapha.

I guess we’ll see how they fit. I got 2 in my old size (which according to their size chart is 1 to almost 2 sizes bigger than I should wear) and 1 in the size smaller. If the bigger 2 are too big, then they’ll be gifted to a riding buddy who’s got 40 lbs on my at the moment. (unless I can return them to REI)


I get your point, but Rapha detail how the different jerseys fit in the “Fit” section, which is just above the size chart. For the Core, it says it sits next to the skin, whereas the Pro Team says “tight compression”.

Note that this also includes Garmin Edge bike computers:

  • 30% off the Edge 1030 plus ($420)
  • 25% off the Edge 840 Solar ($413)
  • 20% off the Edge 840 ($360) and Edge 540 ($280)
  • 10% off the Edge 130 Plus Bundle ($225)

Not sure if it’s for gold members only (free account, you just have to create it) or for everyone…


Gold only. Great deals.

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jerseys…plural, but I am only seeing the gray with pink stripe. Is there another option?

They had blue as well. Looks like its out of stock again, in all colors.

Merlin Cycles in the UK is selling Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive Road Saddles for US$216. These were going for $400 when they were first introduced. Shipping to the USA adds $20, but they do not charge sales tax.

Yeah, I’m just wondering if they shifted the sizes at some point since I bought my original items.

Guess I’ll find out soon when the REI package arrives.


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Bike Closet has XO SRAM Transmission… With the coupon the whole group set is priced at $940!

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Any hints or tips how people would get one of those?

I used this code at check out: WHSDFN6Q


So I put a deposit on the bike at a shop that needed to have the bike brought over from another one of their stores that was out of state. They called me today and said that in order to transfer it, I would have to pay in full first.

How about “No”? Seriously?!? You want me to lay in full for a bike I have not seen in person and don’t know for sure will fit properly? The sales person then started talking about how the bike would be professionally assemble before I brought it home, blah blah blah……”Uh, yeah. ANY bike you get at a LBS should have that. You don’t sell bikes in a box!”

I was really patient and just said “I put a 20% deposit down, which was what I was told was required. I won’t pay for it in full. If that doesn’t work for you, just refund my deposit”. They did, but not before giving me attitude about it.


Found the same bike at a shop a little over an hour away….called them and they said they would gladly hold it for a couple of days for me until I could get out there. No deposit required, either.

Never ceases to amaze me how short-sighted some shops are….and this was a pretty big Specialized dealer, too.


I’ve done this before. It kind of becomes a fun little adventure that makes the experience even more memorable in the end, even if you don’t buy it. Good luck!


@Power13 @Pbase I’ve done this with cars. While I dislike haggling, I enjoy getting a better deal more. Anyway, that’s off topic. The Crux looks like a great bike (if it only had dropped seat stay :rofl:). Assuming it fits, what drivetrain and wheels are you going to build it up with?

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And this is why people can get frustrated with some salespeople.


I’m debating between GRX mech 12 spd or 11 spd GRX Di2….but leaning towards the 12 spd stuff.

Will keep my current wheels (Alex carbon rims w/ DT240’s) but eventually get a pair of the ENVE AG25.

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You may know this already, but going the mechanical route, using the Dura Ace shifter cable and housing makes a noticeable difference in shifting ease and speed. I just had the same choice and went with the mechanical 12 speed GRX. No regrets, and yes I also have Di2.


Yup….but thanks for the reminder.

Yeah, I have zero issue running mech, especially on gravel. Currently on 11spd GRX mech and it has been great. Overall, I just prefer the tactile feel of mech……but also appreciate the ease of electronic sometimes ( run Di2 on my roadie).

Plus, I am not certain that the brake hoods for GRx Di2 will work for me…and I know I like the shape of the mech GRX.


So I got my $38 REI Rapha Jersey. The size S fits almost exactly like a size M Castelli Aero Race. Great in the arms, chest, and waist. But, it is noticeably shorter. Don’ think I would go Medium, would probably have loose fabric. Not really my preference fit wise, but with bibs on it doesn’t look too stupid, so for $38 I am keeping it. That being said, this is my first Rapha product and it seems the brand isn’t quite a perfect fit for me.