Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

Yep, and Cyber Monday might be good for some more Garmin deals.

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Amazon France currently has the Varia 515 for 129€ - lowest I’ve seen it

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Hopefully a hint of Black Friday deals here in the U.S.!

Anyone has seen Saucony endorphin on sale anywhere?
Speed or pros… I haven’t seen anything yet…

Garmin Edge 130 Plus for $99 on Woot (Factory Reconditioned):

From Woot: “Factory Reconditioned – A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. Each product comes backed by a manufacturer warranty OR our very own Woot! Warranty 1.4k. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new” but may show very slight signs of a previous life.”

It’s a great deal for those looking for a minimalist form factor packed with a bunch of features. I had the previous version (regular 130) and I highly recommend it, unless you have bad eyes like me.

In addition to the Silca BF prices, if you add the code Heros20, you get an additional 20% off. I just bought a Super Pista Digital Floor Pump for $180 (including tax annd shipping) and they included a few freebies in the box too!


Ive got both, after my 130’s battery stopped lasting 2.5-3hours which I needed for group rides, I got the 130+ on a Black Friday deal for £99 (circa $125). The 130+ is far superior, picks up satellites faster, picks up phones/sensors (and can handle them at the same time, the 130 couldn’t), It uploads more often and reliably. The battery indicator is far more accurate and reliable. The added training screen is great. I’m probably missing something but the other than the outward form (case/screen) the 130+ is a much better unit.


That makes it a reasonable price! just ordered one myself!

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Hopefully it was a pre-waxed chain and a bag of wax. :wink::wink:


40%off just about everything at Cane Creek


Speaking of freebies, I ordered a few sets of tires from Vittoria with their 35% off discount and they sent me two pint glasses. Not too bad.


SRM has an offer on their power meter pedals:

Use the code BFPedal at checkout for 10% OFF and FREE Shipping.

Powerlink Zero pedals now $799 on the Wahoo site…and I’m sure other retailers as well now. Other stuff included in the BF sale also.


They be $500 on Planet Cyclery a la the previous REI sale. If I had any conceivable use whatsoever for another power meter, I’d be a buyer.

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Is it a US only code?
I tried it in the EU store and it didn’t work

Me too! And it made me irrationally happy, especially because I recently gave away a bunch of glasses and plates that I didn’t use.

I heard these have lower rolling resistance, so I’ll keep them.

Not sure. I got it from their ad on instagram.

$325 and in stock as of 11/22 5:25 pm EST


nice price, but NO…

Would you be able to post the coupon code for the WK05 deal?