Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

Yeah. I’m constantly browsing Pinkbike Buy/Sell, FB Marketplace, word of mouth from friends, and craigslist. eBay is kinda last since everything is mostly cross posted.
PinkBike is usually my go to first, then FB marketplace for parts locally, then craigslist. You can find some good stuff on craigslist.

I literally just bought a 2021 Giant Revolt Advanced 2 gravel bike for $1,300 via FB marketplace. I don’t think it was ever ridden to be honest. Some kid got it shipped from his parents and doesn’t ride bikes. Needed money to travel.


The new Force?

A number of different things on sale including enve wheels

Yeah. Was through a friend, so def received the hook up. Less than 300 miles on it. Rotor crank instead of Force crank.

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Kickr Rollr on sale for $599

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Babici clothing - 25% off with code PAPA 25% off through labor day. Some exclusions like existing sales etc. Fourth of July was 20% so this is even better!


Several deals on

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POC is having an outlet/clearance sale. Including Ventral/Ventral Air helmet and several road cycling sunglasses.

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Some excellent deals on Specialized stuff in the UK here:

e.g. Turbo Levo SL Comp 50% off:

and Epic Evo Comp 42% off:

2022 models, but those are,pretty good prices…

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Some good Garmin deals on wearables and trainers.

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Interesting that the Fenix isn’t included

TIL Garmin makes dog collars :cowboy_hat_face:


50% off ASSOS @ Bikebug (Australia only)

Stuff is going quick so don’t sleep!!

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that seems like a great deal

Nubhex hex set driver set great tool for your workbench, or Nubhex3 Excellent tool for your saddle bag or pack

$1 off coupon use code > Nubhex1TR at check out

:point_right:hint code works for all custom cycling items on the site and it’s not to soon to start shopping for holiday stocking stuffers!

The best part is those collars pair to my fenix watch so I can see where my dog is on point without having to look at the hand held GPS. Sadly I am migrating to a full garmin environment because cycling, fishing and hunting all play nice.

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Sounds like you need to get your pilot’s license and take up flying too. I hear from a friend, who is a pilot, that Garmin’s avionics are best in class.

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I’m a pilot; and for non-jet general aviation (people flying their own airplanes, rather than charter/commercial or airlines), Garmin is definitely the market-share leader in GPS/navigation/communication equipment and in integrated cockpits.

I personally have preferred other brands, but there’s no question that the Garmin stuff works and works well, and the sell a LOT of it. In fact, I worry somewhat about Garmin’s dominance in the market… I can see them possibly gaining near-monopoly status in certain industries, and any market needs healthy competition.

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isn’t garmin also huge on personal boating navigation?

They seem to have a huge market share. I think they did well when the market moved on from personal GPS to cellphones. The same cant be said about others like TomTom

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