Dealing with unbalanced fatigue

After any of the strength endurance workouts, I can can feel the results in my legs just like you’d expect. My issue is that one leg is WAY more tight or sore than the other. Garmin shows I’m left leg dominate 53/47 much of the time and it’s the left that “hurts” more. What can I do to aid the recovery? I am spending time focusing on ILT with the right leg, but I’m more interested on how to help the left after workouts. Can you stretch one side more than the other? Does that actually do anything? Isolate the stronger leg during the cool down? Drink until the hurt stops?

Give me some ideas!

Some existing discussion on imbalance, that may have useful info for you:

Have you considered bike fit issues? It could be that you have one leg shorter than the other than is causing disfunction on the bike

Thanks Chad. I’m really looking for how to deal with the pain, not so much fix the imbalance. I’m working on the fix, it’s the recovery that’s got me lost.

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Thanks for bringing that up. There might be a fit issue. My fitter and my chiropractor have gone back and forth a few times as I LOOK like I’m crooked, but my pelvis is actually level and my spine comes out to one side. We’ve gone a few rounds with shims and other small tweaks plus working on independent strength exercises so I feel like progress is being made there. I just want to know how not to feel like crap AFTER the workout…at least on one side of my body. :slight_smile: