Days after key sessions always yellow

Is it normal to always have yellow days after key sessions? It doesn’t matter so much during the week when the days after are short rides anyway, but it’s a shame to miss the longer Sunday ride.
Is this perhaps an indication i should go to mid volume?

Attached a screenshot of this week as an example

My understanding is that overtime it will recognize your ability to do that volume and you’ll get those full rides on Sunday and less yellow over all.

FWIW I also get yellow days after key rides, but on mid volume.


Yes, and it looks like its coinciding ideally for you, after your Sunday Ride its triggered Red and you’ve rested, then after a had session it has recommended an easy one which coincides with your easy sessions, As you progress if you are riding like this normally the red day might become a yellow day and the other days a green day. My plan has done that. No need to change the level of your plan if you’re happy with it.