Going Through with planned Vo2 session on a Yellow day

Just in my first month of trainer road and first 6 months or so of riding.
On a couple recent endurance rides in my polarized plan I went longer from 90 minutes to 2 hours and switched to a stretch workout that had me at a higher percentage of ftp for most of the ride than the original scheduled workout.

After doing the harder and longer endurance rides I was given a yellow day including on one day that I had a stretch vo2 workout planned. I was definitely still a bit fatigued but figured I had one day off and one easy ride coming up so I could push through. I was expecting at least another yellow day or more likely a red day after pushing through and completing the workout but was surprised that it was back to green after that.

This seems different than what I have seen so far in terms of how red light green light has been working and I was wondering if anyone else has seen something similar.

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Hey there and welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

Remember that Red Light Green Light is meant to help you prevent the build-up of fatigue over time. While it does consider single workouts, it’s also looking at the bigger picture of all of your training.

It looks like you may have had some of that accumulation of stress over this last weekend with the ride that went a bit longer/harder than originally prescribed. I noticed it was also stacked back-to-back with a Threshold workout, which means you had two pretty stressful days in a row, giving you a bigger bump in training stress than you might typically have over that period.

While the VO2 Max workout you did certainly isn’t an easy one (nice work on that, by the way!), the rides you’ve done so far this week are more in line with what the rest of your plan has generally looked like. That means your overall stress is getting back to what’s expected based on your training plan and recent riding.

It’s looking like you’re doing a great job managing your training right now in general based on where I’m seeing yellow/red days popping up on your TR Calendar. Keep up the great work with that consistency! That’s where the long-term gains are at. :muscle:

Finally, it’s a good idea to always check in with how you are feeling during your training, too. It looks like these next couple of days are rest days for you, so even if they’re “green,” if you’re feeling tired, resting up would probably benefit you.

Hope this helps clear things up! Free free to let me know if you have any other questions.