Yellow Light Yellow Light

I pretty much go yellow every time I throw my leg over the top tube. :joy:


I couldn’t see a yellow day that looked implausible. They looked like they all came after big days.

EDIT: I realized I was making the assumption you were suggesting something was broken.

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I think you broke the algorithm… :rofl:

You clearly are consistent with what you are doing… and have shown you are able to do it. I rarely hit a yellow day but consistently ride 6-7 days a week. You have big rides but spread throughout the week. Those big TSS days somehow trigger the yellow (maybe based on daily average over the last 6 weeks?) and “machine learning” hasn’t caught on yet.

Yeah, seems to be working ok to me. Just thought it was funny.


Agreed. And I wouldn’t do intervals back to back anyway. My TSS is pretty consistent. No complaints. Just thought it was funny.


I think ghe algorithm is getting everything right here. As I understand it, yellow days are a normal part of a training plan and just telling you that going hard again might lead to some longterm fatigue. @AussieRider training seems to be in line with what RLGL is suggesting.


As others, including yourself, have said - I think it’s working perfectly for you and you are working perfectly with it. You’re on the bike a lot, fair play, and consistently hitting high TSS over each week. You’ve not ridden on a red day, so are able to get rest time in - but do you have a recovery week in there at all? I wonder if these yellow days might start to decrease if you added in a recovery week where it’s all low intensity and a little reduced on your total time on the bike?

I know I have found this with my training. Granted I’m doing far less than you, but when I joined in March I could see that my January and February were full of red and yellow days. No, with better recovery and a dedicated recovery week, I am finding far fewer yellow days, some yellow days instead of red but still red days after much longer rides - which I’m very happy to rest after.

I have a poor attempt at a recovery week in there where’s there’s no intensity but the same volume. I have another one coming up where I’m going to halve the volume as well.

I do wish there was a way to earmark a non calendar recovery week or a six day recovery week. Ie if you take a wed to the following tue off. it could appear as though no recovery was taken. Or if you do a hard week ending on a saturday and the following saturday you do a long tss day it will show as though both weeks had big TSS.

I totally get where you’re coming from. It doesn’t resonate with my training pattern but I do understand. I think it will recognise those things those are part of the AI side of things with RLGL. On the other side, maybe it is just doing it all correctly and so are you. It doesn’t look like you regularly have two big days back to back, and if you’re not getting red days I’d take that as a positive.

With my schedule, it’s ticking along with around 150-180 of structured TSS (3 workouts) and then another 150-300 of unstructured TSS (usually as one ride). So I’m pretty happy if I’m over 300 TSS during a normal week. For me, I generally only get yellow or red days after a big outdoor ride. Anything over 3 hours will often give me a red day. Based on this, I’d suggest that your RLGL has adapted enough for you and your training.

Have you found that you’re getting stronger on 300TSS? I’ve stagnated over the last year or two on my structured schedule. I ride the volume I do purely because I have the time and enjoy it. My next attempt is to make a concerted effort to ride less and see if that helps with growth.

I’ve only been riding properly for about 3 years. I’ve had moments of structured training during that time and last year had my most cycling, but also had 2 months off the bike with a kidney infection. From recovery to 6 months later, my FTP went up around 50w, so I was fairly happy. I’m sure gains this year won’t be so great, but I’m finding things are going well so far.

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