Date changed for A event

Hi guys. My A event has moved from July 24th to a date TBC in September (Manx 100) so of course I want to amend the date of the event which I assume is just to edit the event and then I expect the plan will automatically update and extend to cover this longer period. My concern is that having seen a few unexpected changes when previously adding in a short holiday I’m nervous about making the change and it impacting my current Base 2 phase as I feel like things are progressing really well. Unfortunately there is no undo button (would be a nice to have!) so wondered if anyone had experience of moving an event out by a month and then adapted changes making sense or even detrimentally impacting their current training phase? From previous tinkering I’m pretty sure if I amended the date and found my calendar didn’t change as anticipated and then changed the date back, my calendar would not revert back to its previous state!
My current plan started back in November?

Personally I’d just move it and accept all AT changes. Its 8 months until your event, you can afford a bunch of changes right now. AT will see you right by the time you get there.

Just move your event - you can drag and drop it on the website calendar. Plan Builder/AT will then ask to reschedule your plan, just click on OK/yes and everything will whirl into action!

Being six to seven/eight months out isn’t going to make much difference at this stage, any hiccoughs in TSS ramps or similar will soon be ironed out and you’ve got another 6-8 weeks to play with. :+1:

You can view the new plan before you press update. If you don’t like it you can just abort the process.

If you like how your current Base 2 phase is going and want to finish it then why don’t you do just that and update the plan when you are finished with this block?

Thanks guys. Yeah lot of logic in the responses. I think I was just unnerved by adding a holiday and seeing multiple changes including an upcoming ramp test disappearing at the start of a build phase which made no sense. Think I’ll complete current phase and then make the change and see what it looks like.