Data logging and age related plans


Here’s a couple of feature requests:

Data log in-ride info to the notes field. This could include time stamped changes to % or when you’ve back pedalled or temporarily stopped.

The age of the rider requires a different number of weeks between recovery. This should be an option when selecting TrainerRoad plans.

You can filter for back pedals in the analysis by searching for intervals at extremely low W.

There were to be age related plans but they appear to have been dropped in favour of something else that may be applicable to all TR users instead.

Hey there, thanks for the suggestions!

Like @brenph mentioned, we’re currently focused on some exciting new features that I think will serve to fill that need you’ve described. While I can’t say much about what’s coming, just know that it will take care of plan scheduling for riders of all ages, and take the different recovery schedules into account. Keep an eye out for that!!


That sounds excellent

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From reading a post regarding Joe Freil and the recommendation for older riders to limit VO2 max workouts to 15 minutes for an hour ride, I used the workout creator to make my own modifications to VO2 max rides with 3 minute intervals. I limit at 114% of ftp for 5 intervals. With this, I still have some back-pedals but don’t bury myself for the next ride. I will be 61 in May.