Data Fields during Workout, Edit / Custom [Feature Request]

At least I can stop looking at the moment then. Would be brilliant if you could swap the tiles around, resize maybe as well.

I had thought of a post it note maybe, don’t want to mess up the monitor though.

Throw a tea towel over that quadrant of the monitor.

I’d back a request for being able to hide/add data fields to the UI in a workout.

Draping a towel or sticking a piece of tape on the monitor isn’t the most ‘elegant’ solution

The draped tea towel whilst a sage suggestion might well distract me even more.

Yeah, but neither is the puddle of sweat on the floor, or stench in my basement near the trainer…

Try concentrating on your power number and keeping it consistent.
I do not remember myself looking at HR values during workout lately.

I would rather want developers focusing on more awesome features than small customizations in displayed data fields.

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I’ve got a big arsed towel for sweat purposes


I have a standing desk at home and it kind of resembles one of those kickr desks. My issue here is that the height of my monitors are optimized for work standing or sitting but not for riding. So because the data fields are on the top of the window, I can’t get in the aero position without contorting my head in an impossible way to see my target power, cadence, etc. The workaround seems to be to put the workout into the ‘minimal’ look, but I only look at the graph when I’m on TR and nothing else (can’t watch netflix or listen to the podcast at all).

It would be great if the data field could be rearranged to the bottom of the screen depending on the preference or set up of the user.

I have a ANT+ speed sensor, so I can’t use my lg g6 to pair with the speed sensor. Although not needed and not comparable to outdoors distance, I’d like to still keep that metric for bragging rights and seeing the blue bars on strava is nice… lol. I have a powertap p1s so as to not confuse those who think I need it for virtual power.

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Is there any plans to allow for customization of the data fields during a workout? There are times I would like to hide certain data fields or change the order of them, like we are used to doing on our head unit when we ride outside. There are times I would prefer not see heart rate or time left in interval because I tend to fixate on them. I have a piece of cardboard I have cut out to cover everything but cadence I use for this but would love to see a feature to be able to customize the data fields.

At this time, it is not possible to edit/ leave out data fields. Post-it notes are the easiest way to obscure a field from view if you find yourself too focused on a certain data metric :+1:.

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Desktop or mobile?

Mobile. I always just use my phone.

I have desktop solution. I use picture-in-picture to put video window over the top of TR UI

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Found myself wanting this on today’s workout.

+1 for this feature request.


I’d like this too please - I’m on a fluid trainer using virtual power, and it takes a lot of concentration to stay on target. So I’m riding with my head turned left staring at target power on the left of the laptop screen.

I would really like to have target power and actual power in the middle, times on the left and HR/cadence on the right.

Offsetting the laptop doesn’t work because the instructions are centered.
I haven’t tried the android app because I don’t have a phone mount, and need big text to make it readable without glasses.

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Is there any news on this yet?

2 things I really also could use.

  1. That the data filed with target power should also display %FTP. Would make it much easier if you have to adjust intensity during the workout. And also the workout description gives you the %FTP but this is not shown during the workout.

  2. Have a countdown clock in the ramp test that will tell you when you exceed the current FTP level in order to motivate you to go the extra time it takes. You could even have a live FTP tracker that will tell you what your FTP will be at any given time during the test. This could be hugely motivating to see and can give that extra push if you can see that you are reaching your target. Today I am using a separate excel sheet to calculate how many min and sek I need to ride in order to reach my FTP goal.

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The Live FTP Feature request is ongoing, I’ll bump the custom field request to the team again!

For what its worth, apparently athletes with Wahoo head units are able to create this field, (not within TR app but within the head unit setup itself). I haven’t tested to confirm.

Lars, I’ve been wanting IF (%FTP) as a feature of the TrainerRoad ride app as well. The cycleops Joule 2.0 was one of the best indoor cycling computers I’ve ever used. It has 39 metrics (probably 70% unique, as there is some repetition) that you can rearrange on the computer so you can customize your workout to focus on different aspects of training. You can eventually see all this data when analyzing the workout on TrainerRoad, but it would be brilliant to be able to customize the training screen to focus on 4-6 specific metrics at a time while riding.