Data Fields during Workout, Edit / Custom [Feature Request]

The Live FTP Feature request is ongoing, I’ll bump the custom field request to the team again!

For what its worth, apparently athletes with Wahoo head units are able to create this field, (not within TR app but within the head unit setup itself). I haven’t tested to confirm.

Lars, I’ve been wanting IF (%FTP) as a feature of the TrainerRoad ride app as well. The cycleops Joule 2.0 was one of the best indoor cycling computers I’ve ever used. It has 39 metrics (probably 70% unique, as there is some repetition) that you can rearrange on the computer so you can customize your workout to focus on different aspects of training. You can eventually see all this data when analyzing the workout on TrainerRoad, but it would be brilliant to be able to customize the training screen to focus on 4-6 specific metrics at a time while riding.