Additional data fields

Any thoughts on adding the option to have different or additional data fields, such as running calories/KJ or TSS, similar to what you see on a headunit? Would be cool for rides if you have a TSS goal instead of time goal, you could see when you hit that goal and shut it down then.

Those are already available.

Here is a quick screen from mobile. You just have to swipe left in the middle of the screen.

The little dots I circled show which of the 2 sub-sceens is active.

This same info is also available on desktop via clicking in the middle of the screen. I don’t have access to PC, but will see if I can find an example.


Thank You Chad
Nice tip to know.


Wow, I’ve been on TR for like 2 years and never realized this! Haha thanks!


:astonished: Good to know this feature, thanks!

To OP, I once had an idea about add “Torque” fields(T(Nm) = 9.554140127*P(W)/ N(rpm)) but don’t know how useful that can be as I never utilized it in actual training. Just thought.

We have an open Feature Request thread for the addition of a Torque efficiency display!

Torque efficiency // Read Left-Right Power Meter [Feature Request]