Damn those new gym bikes

We have just had new bikes installed at the gym. They are much newer than the old ones. I did Kaiser +2 yesterday and it was far too easy. Today I did Dicks +1 and had to set the app to 110%. I know I haven’t improved that much :slight_smile:

Because I use a gym bike my ramp test isn’t the most accurate I’m sure, but the results have been a good target power number around a lot of gyms I have to use on my travels. I do use the odd Watt Bike from time to time and the number was good.

When I do the ramp test on this new bike if this 110% is anything to go by the number will be good for my home gym, but could be a nightmare on my travels :slight_smile:

Which bike did they upgrade to?

Urg yeah trying to match power can be a nightmare. If you have a heartrate strap you could use heartrate as a check to make sure you are close to the right zone, while not ideal this is better than nothing.

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They went from Technogym bikes to these. Well, and older version of these. My gym gets the other gyms hand me downs!


That is a fair comment, but unfortunately my heart rate is always high.

Sorry to hear that :frowning: We are lucky then, our gym upgraded to Stages bikes a couple years ago and all instructors are required to go thru Stages “how to train with power” course (yay!). The bikes have single-sided crank power meters, and you can zero reset to increase power accuracy. Really nice bikes.

However they can be misconfigured and always need to zero-reset. One-time I was in the gym and putting down at least 250W clearing effort but only 120W was showing on the bike computer - turns out someone paired the bike’s computer with another bike’s power meter. The joys of ANT+!

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I do most of my training on the stages bikes. The power meters transmit over Bluetooth and work great with the TR app. I second the need to do a zero offset. I’ve also updated the firmware on the ones I ride (using the stages app). I’ve had a few issues, but mostly great. Seems to agree with my power2max power meter when I actually get to ride my own bike.

@bazcurtis maybe you can beg the gym for a better bike?

What do you think of the Precor? I didn’t see mention of an integrated power meter in the link you shared.

It is ok. We have four bikes at the gym. The one I use has the option to pick watts on the screen. One of the others I know doesn’t have the option. I can only hope that bike with power is free when I get there. I will look at the model when I next go.

So I did my Ramp Test today. It was 290 up from 261. That was the final figure, not the calculate value as of course I can’t do that. I train to 75% of that 290 which is 218 up from 196.

I think that jump is far too much, but at least I now have a baseline for the new bikes. I still can’t find the model.

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congrats and that is a nice bump in ftp!

Thanks, it is, but I think it was the bike change :grinning: