Cyclocross leg openers - call for fave TR workouts

Hey folks,

I’m surprised I couldn’t find a post on this, but with cyclocross season having just started, I wanted to hear which TrainerRoad workouts were your favourite for leg openers the day before a CX race. I remember a podcast in the spring mentioning this topic, and Basin -5 before a couple gravel races over the spring and summer. I used Truuli -2 recently before my last CX race but it doesn’t have instructions, and I just like having something to follow along with, even when I multitask with cycling on my TV.

Workout with instructions not mandatory, but preferred! Also, do people do 30 or 45 mins?


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I’ve usually done truuli-2 for 30mins plus extra with Pettit. I have a race tomorrow and just did Pettit today so we’ll see if I notice a difference!


Laurel, Rodgers, or Davis.

Most of the time, though, I take the day off before a race.

Truuli-1 I don’t need instructions, just pedal it out and done. It’s probably a coincidence, but when I started doing this the day before races I started placing much better.

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I’ve done straight up Truuli before almost every race for the past couple of years.

If I’m doing a double and care more about Sunday than Saturday, I’ll do pettit on Friday and pretentious Saturday is openers for Sunday. If I care more about Saturday, then I’ll do Truuli on Friday and just do what I can on Sunday.

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Thanks for the replies. Funny how Truuli is so popular!

Follow-up question: any planning on time of day or meal? (Eg when you wake up, after breakfast, same time as race time?). Acknowledging sometimes it’s just when it works if you have to work or plan other things in your day, but if you had the option to pick the time.

Another vote for Truuli -2 for an opener. Haven’t figured out how to do it at a consistent time on Saturdays, just try and fit it in around family activities. I am usually trying to be on top of nutrition all day before a race but the 30 minute work out is short enough that fueling doesn’t seem to be an issue

+1 for Truuli-1

I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose if you were really consistent day to day it would be best to do it at the same time as your race the next day. But my training times vary so much throughout the week that I doubt syncing Truuli to my race would make much difference.