Workouts, openers, or rest before big test in 3 days

Hello all,

I have a vo2 ramp test with two days before it to either rest, or get my legs up and running through a workout. Earlier in the week I have done Carson (Tuesday sweet spot 1hr), and carter (45 min around 0.67 IF on Wednesday).

So my question is, should I do this work on the day before, or two days before? And should I take a day off before the test?

Also, what TR workout would you recommend? Perhaps one that gets my legs used to all types of power zones?


A lot of of the plans use a Truuli variation before a race and that’s what I like to do - as a preference I’d do Truuli+1 just because I prefer the ramps to a flat 4 minutes at threshold.

It’s been the last bike workout before all my big races this year and I’ve done as close to the race as I can get with travel. Ideally for me it would be the day before.


I recommend priming the pump a bit @joechambz, both for physiological reasons as well as psychological ones. Maintaining familiarity with the sort of work you’ll face, be it a race, a test, a group ride, even a single workout, goes a long way toward improving performance on the day. In fact, this is an important aspect of and reasoning behind tapering. Don’t do much, but do enough to ‘remind yourself’ of what you need to accomplish.


Hey chad, thank you! What TR workout might you recommend for the day before?