Cycling/Tri documentary or movie recommendations

It’s a reasonably well made documentary for one of its kind and the challenge and main guy are impressive, if not always super likeable.

Also a bit of controversy involved along the way to keep things interesting. Give it a watch and see what you think.

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Melons, trucks and angry dogs parts 1-4


So, I binged a number of endurance movies / shows this weekend, all on Amazon Prime. Here’s my thoughts.

Iron Cowboy. Not bad, a little uneven. Not sure how I feel about the accomplishment; I didn’t find myself squarely on either side of the controversies.

Eat Race Win and All for One. I strongly preferred All for One, it was much more compelling & I really got into it. Eat Race Win was OK, I guess, it just felt to me like it was a foodie tour of France with a cycling tour as a backdrop. I wish it had displayed as much of the chef’s passion for cooking, for cycling.

Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story. Felt like a rehash of the Lance parts of Tyler Hamilton’s book (which I really liked). Not much new here.

The Cannonball Ride. Short (37 minutes I think), quick bite. I didn’t feel I got to know any of the racers – I kept them straight by their bikes (a Cervelo, a Trek, a Canyon, a Cannondale…) Cinematography was nice though, great scenery shots.

The Barkley Marathons: The Race that Eats its Young. I had heard of this race when I lived in Tennessee, but didn’t really know what it was about. Greatly enjoyed this one.

Watched this yesterday:

Really good and hard not to get emotional at times.

NTT Team video,


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Watched this on one of my rides the other day and quite enjoyed it.

Pretty DIY with the filming but an interesting ride through Scotland.

I’m watching this one on Prime tonight.

Jumbo TdF documentary with English subtitles below - pretty interesting watch.

Found a cool series on the Cervelo Test Team from around 10 years ago. Some appearances from Ted King and Dan Lloyd.

If you go to the channel there’s 19 videos.