A good time to learn some mental skills?

Nate approved (thanks Nate!)

Because of all the restrictions many of us face regarding cycling at the minute, I’m offering all fellow TrainerRoad users 50% off of my 8 week online mental skills for cyclists programme, Hypno Velo Academy.

If you’re struggling with mindset, feel like you’re checking our early mentally, want some consistency or just want to learn some key mental skills to control pain and perceived effort to find those extra watts when it matters/when you’re having an ‘off day’ you will learn all of this in my programme.

"I am a cat 3 US-based road-bicycle racer who has struggled with confidence in my riding and racing ability for many years. Initially a skeptic, Jamie’s hypnotherapy modules helped me understand how hypnotherapy works, how it can help, how to perform self-hypnosis, and how to use it to improve my cycling. I have used it for two specific scenarios so far, and have felt much better mentally than I have in a long time.

A short time after starting hypnosis, where I visualized superimposing confident experiences in different race scenarios, I raced a time trial where I was passed by multiple people. After initially going into a dark hole, I remembered the scenarios I had been envisioning and started to apply them to this real-life situation, and I ended up with a far better result than I could have expected"


If you would like to take advantage of this please use the code TRAINERROAD50

Full, no questions asked 21 day refund if its not for you.

Here is a link for more information about the programme and how to sign up. If you have any questions then feel free to message me directly here or email me at jamie@hypnovelo.com.

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing some of you in the programme. Keep safe in these difficult times.

Best wishes, Jamie

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