Road riding greater Austin Tx

Relocating to the greater metroplex in the next 10 months. Curious what members can tell me about road riding options in the north cedar creek and round rock areas. specifically is it
possible to pedal out to some open roads or is it portaging via car? How amenable are the automobile zoombies?

Lots of great roads around the Austin area, but Round Rock is one of the least bike friendly areas. It just depends which part of Round Rock you’re in as to how easily you can get out on a bike. I used to be in the Leander/Cedar Park area and there are some routes to get to country roads, but there has been a lot of growth in that area since I moved.

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Hey ratz. There was a thread about Austin a while back that can be found here: Waxahachie & Austin Texas Cycling Routes It may have some answers for you

I’m originally from Austin but no longer live there, so can’t help much. Austin does has a ton of great bike shops that could help. You could try to get in touch with the people at Austin Yellow Bike (the local bike collective) and they may be able to give advice. Cycleast is a shop run by a friend of mine, but it’s a bit far from Round Rock.

Hope this helps!

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I believe there’s a group ride out of Redhorn coffee in cedar park by bat city.
there’s the bagel ride out of north Austin that goes east i think it leaves from the domain.
mellow johnnys has a group ride every sat. and the driveway every Thursday the best weekly Crit race in America! (free beer for racers)

I know people that ride out of those areas. im not 100% sure but youre not far from the country to get outside. liberty hill northwest of you is pretty rural and makes for great riding.

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I’m also thinking of moving to Austin from California. Are there any mountains there to climb? Ideally, at least 5 miles of steady 5-8% grades? I usually like to ride about 50-70miles with about 4500-6500 feet of climbing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

There are no mountains here. A lot of short steep climbs. Most everything is below 1 mile, but many that average over 10%.

Thanks for the info–that’s helpful… Perhaps I should think of relocating to Reno instead…