Cycling Getaway for Winters (Where are you going?)

My mate used to work in Probike hire, it was a good place for after ride drink but I see your hotel is closer to Alcudia.

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It’s a great hotel. Bike friendly and no hassles keeping bike and box on your balcony. Food plentiful and they serve Erdinger. I go half board and eat lunch out on the bike.

They’ve a great spa with saunas, steam room, therapy pool, cold plunge, plus an indoor 25m heated and laned salt water lap pool, and a cold wetsuit friendly outdoor lap pool. The only reservation I have about the place is that it’s not great for families IMHO, if that concerns you. It’s slightly isolated with no beach, but superb kite surfing out the door.

Pollentia has some great higher end restaurants and is a €20 taxi ride away (reception will hook you up).

The riding speaks for itself. Reception can arrange a one way taxi to Andratx if you want an epic day out riding back through the full length of the mountains.

Take a waterproof as March can be wet :slight_smile:

Oh and the outskirts of Pollencia and Alcudia don’t look impressive, but do visit the old parts of town for lunch or dinner. They’re beautiful.

Edited again… I think my mate rented from pro bike hire in Puerto Pollencia and they delivered to the hotel. Top notch.


Port Blue Club Pollentia yes.

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I’ve never stayed in it but it is handy and I know cyclists use it but your original hotel looks better and in March you might want that indoor pool :wink:

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You could maybe try Alcudia and I see there’s a few like this one that do free delivery

Mallorca Bike Hire | Quality Bikes Delivered to Your Accommodation


Ive borrowed a box and took my own bike most times I’ve been away. The 2nd last time my bike had tubeless tyres and whilst they reseated first time, its a hassle I could have done without. So the last time (in Calpe) I hired a bike and lol, that’s the first mechanical I’ve had (snapped gear cable) :joy:

A little bit annoyingly the shop was shut when I finished my 2spd ride and I had to call the owner but give him his due he appeared at it within 15mins and sorted out the mechanics quickly.

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DC Rainmaker sure loves it.

We’ve stayed here 3x and it’s a great value for money. At that time of year, it’s pretty much entirely cyclists and triathletes.

The food is ok, but at least there’s lots of it.

And personally I prefer late March over early April as the number of cyclists actually gets kinda crazy. I’ll take slighty cooler temps if it means quieter roads and town centers not overtaken by swarms of large cycle groups.


Just to link that here as well.

Absolutely beautiful. 25 degrees C and sun sets at 6:30pm.

Update, still beautiful :sweat_smile:

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It’s still winter in Germany, and will remain cold and windy for the foreseeable future.
So another winter getaway is planned in Early April. A couple of days on Costa Blanca (Alicante/ Calpe). I have never been there but it is a known road/ gravel paradise, so I am really looking forward to soaking up some Vitamin D and getting in a good training camp in the process.


Have you tried Colombia?. Quite a bit farther but very favorable exchange rate and the climbing is unmatched.

Ive only done road there but yes its great and more varied than other locations IMO. Im going back later in Spring. Enjoy !

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South America is definitely on the list, having several entries on my bucket list of climbs (erm, and vacation bucket list also…). Atacama desert with the Highway 28, Punta Olimpica in Bolivia - maybe the most beautiful climb in the world, the Death Road in Bolivia - even if it‘s only for the famous picture, and the mighty Ticlio from Lima, which is probably the world‘s longest/ biggest bike climb.
But then again, that‘s a full day of traveling just to get to South America, and probably another day just to get to each starting point etc.
A lot of costs, a lot of time, not really feasible atm.

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Hi Mk2, Im organising (already) March 2024 1 week in Calpe with 6 friends, seeing that you just recently went, can u please share with whom you rented your bike and any recomendations?

I and most of my club used last year

And one guy (actually the guy who reffered us to Soly) used

Mainly as it was closer to our hotel. But its got a good setup and cafe/bar so most of the club are hiring from there on our next visit.

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Great, thxs for sharing, in the meantime found good reviews on them. rental

Trying to be not too repetitive here, but information on bike rentals, hotels, routes, cafes, and loads more can be found here:


I did a trip with Altos Cycling in Colombia at the end of January. They have a week long gravel trip at the end of April. I felt it was reasonably priced and the support staff were excellent at every turn and mountain top. Once you’ve left the large cities, it’s incredibly hard to spend money, plus all meals are included.


Visited Tucson, wanted to ride but didn’t. Ended up riding BWR AZ. The riding around Cave Creek (north east Phoenix) was fantastic.

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Interesting. Can you share more?. Did you go up Alto de Letras via off-road ?

Sure! We didn’t do that climb but were near it. I believe they are willing to arrange a trip to do that climb. The trip I did was 8 days, 6 days cycling (I ended up cycling 7) with stays at two main base locations. I had to disassemble my bike to cycle the extra day but they left me the tools to do that. Otherwise they built your bike, washed it each day, and packed it back up to get home.

Casa du Velo was an bit south of Pereira. The owners son was an absolute delight to talk to and he ran the place extremely well. They have a full service bike shop and wash station. The owner even came with us one day.

Our second base was in Santagueda at a private pool house. It was simple, everything was open air. You had enough space to be alone if you wanted but there were plenty of common areas to hang out.

Each day had two route options, usually loops, for our group, most everyone did the longer option each day but a few folks would hop in the sag car if they weren’t feeling it. The group also had some people there just to support their spouse or friend. I gave one of them my second gopro and it was a great idea. Not my thing, that cost full price from what I could tell, but ymmv.

Routes were 60-90ish miles each day with a healthy amount of climbing for my poor flat land legs. I didn’t have a chance to change my 53-39 to a 50-34 before I left but I brought my the rings with and two days in had the mechanics swap them.

We faired pretty well in terms of weather. It was hot and we were never rained on except the last climb on day 2. There were three support cars for 8 cyclists. They would do bottle handups if you coordinated, would drive ahead and set up snacks at the next coordinated stop. We had a designated coffee stop each day for lunch and toured a coffee farm on our shortest day.

Our local guide that cycled with us was amazing. The guy went on a week later to take third in Transcordilleras ( He had amazing energy, helped pace people on climbs, was fun to get to know. He genuinely wanted to share his country with others. Except for some busy moments in Pereira and Manizales, drivers were extremely courteous and respectful.

Food was included and each day there was someone new coming to our location to prepare a meal. From local cuisine to pizza parties, it was all so good. My only downside to this whole experience was getting covid for the first time. I didn’t realize it at the time but testing positive the day I arrived home put into clarity why I wasn’t performing well each day.

I think the trip set me back $3500 for 9 days with accommodations, about 420 miles of cycling, and four bags of coffee. Could I have organized it myself for less? Absolutely not.