Cycling after sinuplasty

I’m due to have a sinuplasty for a deviated septum over the next few months. The hospital has told me that I shouldn’t exercise for 2 weeks post surgery which will be difficult as I have a big cycle event in the summer which I’ll be training for.

Anyone had any experience with sinuplasty and exercise? For those who’ve had a sinuplasty, was it beneficial?

I had a sphenoidotomy 20 years ago, with some work on the uvula at the same time.
It did not go too well and i had a lot of bleeding just after the surgery. It took a really long time for me to start breathing by the nose again (i would say a couple of weeks, but that’s 20 years ago, i’m not sure).
Even if it goes well, i would be careful and listen to your docs. Ask him about zone 2, conversational pace.
Vo2max will probably be a few months away (maybe do a vo2 block before the surgery)

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I had the following done in July 2020, Septoplasty, Balloon Sinuplasty, and Turbinate Reduction. I had lived with a badly deviated septum for most of my life and finally decided to get it fixed. The procedure itself only took about 20 minutes and recovery was very quick. Modern septoplasty is much simpler/advanced than it used to be. The old way of packing and splinting was a painful recovery and took a long time.

I was back on the trainer two days after surgery and back to normal intensity the week after. What I cut out for those couple of weeks was running, or anything that would mean jumping up and down. But trainer riding was totally fine. And yes, this is what my doctor told me would be fine.

Below is what those two weeks looked like for me. And yes, I would say for me it was worth it. It improved my sleep, as I previously couldn’t nose breath at night which can lead to dehydration and long-term lead to sleep apnea. I don’t know if I notice it from a performance perspective, but it was worth it for my long-term health.


Thanks both for the input. Sounds like you had very different experiences.

Mine was a long time ago, and the doctors screwed up. I’m sure you will have a much better experience than me.

I took a few days off while the packing was in my nose, then came back with easy rides for a couple days and was good to go. But I would go with what your doctor says within reason.

I wasn’t training when I got mine done (septum-straightening and turbinate reduction), but I didn’t rest as much as I should have. I did a 4 hour drive something like 3 days after the surgery and it was more than I should have; my body was repairing itself and couldn’t really spare the energy. I’d take at least a week completely off the bike. Then see how a really easy ride feels.

Check out this old post as well: Deviated Septum - Worth Having Surgery? - #24 by Northshorerider

Thanks for all the replies folks.

I’ve had 2 sinus surgeries. First one included deviated septum correction and I was definitely slower to recover but started easy riding on the 10th day. After just a few workouts, I felt ok adding in sweetspot and threshold. The second one was largely polyp/sinusitis related and I recovered much sooner from this one. I think I started riding again on the 9th day, but definitely could have started sooner. Same deal with a couple easy rides, then adding back intensity by feel. Dr’s advice in both cases was to wait 10 days. I suspect you won’t lose too much fitness.

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Thanks for all the tips guys. Reckon I’ll be aiming to overtrain a bit before and then recover while I recover.