IM High volume plan interruption 2/3wks because of nose surgery

hi there I am following through the Full distance high volume IM plan and I have just completed the Build phase 1.
Unfortunately I will need to have a sinus surgery in a couple of days and seems I am not be able to train for a few days. Not sure if it will be a week, two or maybe more.

I am here to ask advice/opinion if I should just resume where I left once I am feeling recovered or I should scrape it and start over?

I follower religiously for the next 3 months and I have 4 years of long distance triathlon on my back.

Looking forward to have some advice/reccomendation and opinions.

Thanks so much


Official advice from TR can be found here:


Do you have a target race date?

hypothetically early June but I feel there is low chance

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You aren’t going to lose much endurance with a couple of weeks off, but you’ll probably find the vo2 max sessions a bit hard to come back to.

I would speak too your doctors before the surgery, explain that you have been training hard, over 10 hours per week, and whether you can cut back to recover or if you really need to stop altogether. Unless this surgery is drastic, I would expect they will be happy that you do recovery zone and endurance rides that don’t elevate your heart rate much fairly soon.

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thanks JoeX. Surgery done btw:-) not drastic but intermediate level. Doctor is sporty so he understand what I am doing so he told me what the normal rest period should be and he concluded saying to me “you are an athlete, just listen to your body” :love_you_gesture:

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