Lube for ceramic freehub? Noise?

I have the Fulcrum Racing Zero Competizione with ceramic freehub. I noticed (or I imagine it may well be…) that after every clean the wheels became noisier on a free spin.

Does that mean I need to lube my free hub? Also, what kind of lube does it matter? I now greased just with regular grease the edgjes of the hub and used dry chain lube for the ticking thingies themselves.

Do I really need special lube for ceramic freehubs?

I still don’t get the noise… when I opened up the freehub there was PLENTY of oil / grease.

The noise is from the pawls “slapping” against the shell and resonating. To reduce the noise use a thicker grease, but not so thick that the pawls don’t extend fully to grab the ratchet rings. To make more noise, use a light oil.

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Are you talking about the “ratchet” sound when the freehub is spinning opposite of the hub (like when coasting while riding), or pure bearing noise (not what I am guessing, but want to make sure).

Presumably, if you are talking about the ratchet sound, the only thing that affects that is the amount (and type) of lube inside. As long as you have enough of the right lube (follow manufacturer suggestions), I think you are probably fine.

And for clarity, you may have ceramic bearings installed (3-4 bearings total, depending on the exact hub design), but nothing about the freehub and ratchet design is ceramic. It’s not relevant unless you suspect an issue with the bearings and plan to address their lube.


Yes! The rachet sound exactly!

I don’t see a specific mention of lube for the ratchet setup in the manual.

From the pic, it looks like a fairly typical pawl and ratchet ring design, which means something like the lubes from Shimano, DT or others meant for similar systems could be appropriate. As mentioned, you can add more lube if you suspect it is “low” for any reason. But take great care if you do, because excessive lube (or the wrong kind) can lead to poor engagement that can have very bad consequences.

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Just an example (I do have these, but also use other types of grease). I’ve also used synthetic motor oil, slick honey/slickoleum, and NLGI 2 and NLGI 1 food grade greases.


Thanks for all the input. I am definitely visiting my LBS to get specific grease.

Personally, I don’t like the racheting sound. When I cycle 200km, every time I coast and I hear the sound… it’s tiring. Like wind in your ears all the time.

Easy solution… stop coasting :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you can tweak the sound a bit with more or thicker lube (accepting some risk mentioned).

There are a range of different freehub mechanisms with associated sound from crazy loud to silent. If you really have a preference, it’s possible to dig in and find the more quite versions and either get a wheel with them stock or consider a custom build as needed. Lots of cost and hassle in the grand scheme, so it would likely need to be a big issue to justify the effort, but it’s possible.

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