CX 2021 - ProCX Calendar and Nationals

Anyone else getting excited by the announcements yesterday on the ProCX calendar and then nationals date and location this morning??? To be clear, I am a total amateur that will participate in neither of these things but it does get me pumped thinking about the potential for a season of CX racing. It’s hard to know if it will go off as planned but it has time on its side…

Starting to lay out training for the year leading into CX and trying to figure out the timing of plans, etc. How are you training this year? Are you considering CX more than you would in other years because of the possibility of races?

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I have some hope for CX in 2021 with the timing of the vaccine rollout here in BC, and with our CX events typically being small. I have some summer triathlons that I am training for but don’t expect to go ahead. I figure my tri training season will lay a good base for CX so that’s what’s keeping motivation up right now.

I’m hoping that we can at least have some CX time trial type events if we aren’t back to mass starts,

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Or how about 3 US world cups and the world championships in the US.


Ha funny, I’m in exactly the same boat. Hoping to do some summer tris but not banking on it. I agree, the best best for racing this year (at least in this part of the world) is cross in the fall. That’s going to be my focus all year. Actually, I’d really like to drive up and do the new BCBR gravel race in the Okanagan in Sept, but I don’t want to sign up and then have Canada not let me in. :frowning: That might be a 2022 goal.

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Yes! I missed the biggest news. Great call.

Love what’s happening in AR on the mtb and CX fronts. If you build it, they will come.

I was also considering the BCBR gravel event as a backup to IM Canada. I figure I’ll be in shape for all day endurance. The gravel riding in the OK is great!

I am excited and it is cool. However, an 11 weekend national series and the furthest west they get is Oklahoma? Come on, that’s weak. The Seattle-Portland corridor is arguably the biggest cross hotbed in the country. I know, I know, we don’t play nice with USAC. But we’re thriving out here and USAC has had a lot of recent struggles; they shouldn’t be shutting us out, they should be looking for opportunities to turn the west coast enthusiasm into something positive for USAC.