Cyclocross 2023

So whose racing this year?

Registered for my local (south west England) league for the first time in a few years, and first year as a v40


Ive checked my tubs and one needed regluing, still in base miles mode. I do the NW England league after my hols to Spain.

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This road season has been horrible, having only been able to race 4 races over a single weekend. The benefit to that is that I’m absolutely itching to race cross this fall. First race is end of August for us, can’t wait.

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Ooh #crossiscoming! Can’t wait, actually. Tried a bit of crit racing this summer, and couldn’t get motivated for any MTB. I just like riding round muddy fields, lol.

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I will be on my alloy gravel bike that I also use for gravel racing, riding and my work commute (has racks and panniers at the moment). This season has been pretty sparse with racing with limited dates and schedule conflicts meaning I won’t get to race my XC bike at all this year, 1 gravel race and 3 road races. Generally our CX season has 4 or 5 double header race weekends so will be more racing in the CX series than my other disciplines combined. Last season was my first year racing CX and really enjoyed it, didn’t do that well but enjoy the low danger technicality of it. Of all the racing disciplines I do, I feel safest pushing my limits on a CX course.

I am. This year is shaping up to be the first time I’m actually both in shape, and fresh for cross season. Looking forward to it.


Planning on riding SSCX as a first-time CX racer this fall. Haha I’ve had the bike for years and I’m finally planning to race it.

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Single speed cx sounds…like torture…

Kinda wish I had went Sram on my bike though so I could try it :joy:


Yeah I’m expecting a lot of type 2 fun :joy::joy: but hey, just don’t shift and it’s functionally the same thing but heavier!

Oh I actually just noticed first timer!

Man, buckle up. Best decision you’ve ever made if I’m being honest. If your scene is anything like Chicago’s, you can race ultra competitive at the front and have a blast, or have have even more fun at the back while having Kenny Labbe (best announcer in the country IMO) cheer you on while taking beer and candy handups. And having spectators spontaneously reroute the course through the middle of team tents, and have 6 yr olds spray whipped cream at you.


I haven’t gotten to ride or race much this year due to life priorities, but US Nationals are in town again this year so I should probably find some motivation to buckle down on training and diet soon…

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I just started my CX training plan and I am so pumped. Last year was my first year racing CX and there’s nothing more fun. Gravel’s got the vibes and the epic stories but it’s not anywhere near the same level of pure ripping fun.


Do you have Di2? Most races will let you unplug the rear derailleur and race single speed. Or if it’s mech, you can zip tie the shifter.

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Zip ties
I’ve used electrical tape
Derailleur limit screws
Spacers in place of the other cogs on the cassette

Plenty of options. Bonus points if you make it known to the other sscx racers that you are in their field (assuming it’s a mixed field).

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Well, no DI2, and my understanding is the zip tie gimmick doesnt work with shimano.

Either way not a huge deal. I’m hopeful this is the year I’m on the podium every week and move up to the 3’s…so ai’m pretty focused on just the cat 4 races right now.

I’m looking forward to it. The local scene is great.

My bike is still trashed from last season so that needs a full refresh.

Things I want to do better on this year:

  1. Skills & efficiency.
  2. Better managing my goals/expectations.

CX is a bigger pond than a Cat 3 crit. A current World Tour pro turned up to one local race.


This is a biggie…as well as pacing. I think one of my issues last year…I’m a bigger rider, with pretty good pop. I did not have to go all out to get the hole shot every race…but I think it was still too taxing for me to be able to settle in at the same pace as the guys on the podium for the rest of the race. Sometimes gaps seem huge when people are around the next corner and out of site…but looking at times I was like 5-10 seconds a lap off the podium most races.

New tactic - sit on the wheel of the 2nd and 3rd place guys all race long until I think I’m close enough to hammer into the finish line at full gas.

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We had Ben Turner of Ineos turn up at a race, saw him goes past me twice and he was a junior then.

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Cross is coming and I need new tires. What is everyone’s go to intermediate tubeless cross tire of choice these days. We usually stay pretty dry for cross season, but I tend to be a hooligan that barrels into corners too fast.

Also, who isn’t excited for cross! It is the best time of year, registered for Trek Cup this week and found a hotel that hadn’t started surge pricing!!!

Dang do I love being mediocre at this dumb sport.


Donnelly PDX. It’s technically a mud tire, but everyone here runs them in the dry as well.

I may be at Trek as well, have gone the last few years. Tough course, lots of hills haha