Custom Team Kits

Who do you all recommend for custom team kits? There are a number of avid cyclists at my company. Last year, we made some custom rapha kits. Now that rapha has shut down their custom program. I’m not sure who to use. Who makes the TR kits?

Jakroo used to make the TR kits and still do custom kits.

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Cuore I believe.

Jackroo was easy to deal with and the product is holding up for us.

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I agree with Jakroo. I have several shop and team kits they’ve made and it’s all pretty good stuff. You get it pretty quick too.

My team has used MAAP and previously 7Mesh. Apparently, MAAP was very involved and had a designer work with the team mate who was in charge.

My teams have used DNA Cycling and Hyperthreads over the years. Been a good relationship with both!

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Jackroo is great for their road kits. Cheap and good quality. Their mtb jerseys, on the other hand, I found to be about the worst I’ve ever worn. I sweat a lot, and about 2-3 miles into a summer ride and I felt like I was wearing a wet towel for a shirt.

IDK where you’re from but Stolen Goat have just launched a custom kit program. Our latest batch of Club Kit was by them and the design process, support, quality and fit were all brilliant.

Our club uses Ale for our team kit: We specifically use the PRR (Pro Race Research) range. This is my first time with Ale kit and I have been impressed.

There is a thread on this somewhere. There are enough forum users that almost every company has been tried at some point. Most are decent, some specialize in cheaper, some more high end. In the past I’ve used:

Louis Garneau
Pearl Izumi
Champion Systems
Death Row Velo

Of these, Castelli and Verge were my favorites. Were easy to work with, the clothing is high quality and always came out perfectly. To be fair, I was pals with the reps. But don’t think they treated us any differently than others.

TexMarket is a huge manufacturer based in Romania. They make clothing for many brands including some high end stuff. Their USA rep is a great person too. If you have a big order, or special items in mind, this type of company can work with you because they make your stuff. As opposed to most whom offer specific items only, or who outsource to generic Chinese manufacture.


+1 for Jakroo. My club is now in our fifth year with them and they are absolutely terrific. Great product, great price, fantastic service, and a huge selection of different product (bibs, jerseys, skinsuits, accessories, jackets, vests…). They keep innovating and improving, too. And you can do an initial bulk order period and then enter into reorder mode, where anyone can order at any time. So many places have particular order windows, and if you have someone join late or someone crashes and needs a replacement, they can’t purchase a new kit until the order window reopens. I love that about Jakroo. It makes the ordering process super easy to manage, from a club perspective. We’ve used others in the past, but these are just a few of the reasons we continue to stay with Jakroo.


What we need to do is merge this thread with the t-shirts thread… a blue line kit! Lull your competitors into a false sense of confidence when they assume “Pettit” is actually your race strategy!

Also, +1 for Jakroo!

Verge, should be available in US and Canada too in case you aren’t Europe based. Their factory is in Poland. Superb quality.

Another :+1: for Jakroo. We used them for our work team kit. The thing I really like is that Jakroo has multiple cuts, so as someone who runs on the more svelte side, I was able to get jersey and bib that fit me. Instead of the jersey fitting like a t-shirt.

By svelte, at 5’ 9", I wear Veloccio X-Small bibs :thinking:

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I’m partial because their warehouse is located here in Charlotte and I’ve met Giordana a few times, but I’d look at Giordana. Good quality kits and they have a big custom business.

I’ve had very positive experiences with Castelli and Jakroo - would recommend either