TrainerRoad Stem Caps

Hey TrainerRoad (and in particular @Nate_Pearson),

What would the thoughts be on a custom TR stem cap from akin to the MTB Podcast one?

I know TR didn’t have great buy in with the kit when it was available, and people may baulk at the stem caps idea with the cost of the base and covers, but I really like the idea of identifying other TR users on race day.

I’ve just ordered a system for my MTB with the Anton Cooper design. Pretty cool to see the NZ support and designs.


We don’t have plans to support TR branded merch as this time, sadly, as it tends to draw us away from our primary objectives of making you a faster cyclist. This single-minded focus allows us to continue to improve and optimize our app in ways that will really affect your race-day results :fire:.

I hope you understand,


Think they were having a laugh when they made The Anton Buck? If there is any place you are going to nut yourself on a bike it’s right there.


Back story for those not versed in NZ rugby

" Roughly 20 minutes into the match, he was caught at the bottom of a rather aggressive ruck, and an errant French boot found its way into Shelford’s groin, somehow ripping his scrotum and leaving one testicle hanging free. He also lost four teeth in the process. Incredibly, after discovering the injury to his scrotum, he calmly asked the physio to stitch up the tear and returned to the field before a blow to his head left him concussed.:

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I saw that. Made me chuckle too!

I went for the Anton Cooper light colour. Hopefully it looks good.

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