Custom HR and power zones

Im searching for possibility to set custom HR and power zones in TrainerRoad. After performing medical performance test I’ve got real HR zones for me, and they are very different from those computed here by using max HR.

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We don’t use heart rate zones in TrainerRoad, and as of now, there isn’t a way to create custom power zones.

Is the data from your performance test significantly different than what we have set up for you on your account?

I like the idea of having this option, though. I’ll definitely pass that along… :+1:

It’s not so easy… I have only power zones corresponding to HR zones, so effecitvely 5 power zones.
I have to ask how to reflect 7 zones based on data that I have.

There are many, many different ways to calculate HR and power zones. Which one is best depends on who you ask.

I’d be happy to take a look at what you have to see how it might compare to the figures we have for you. It’s likely, though, that it could be like comparing apples to oranges if there are a different number of zones between the two.

We use six power zones:

  • Active Recovery
  • Endurance
  • Tempo
  • Sweet Spot
  • Threshold
  • VO2 Max
  • Anaerobic

If you’re interested, it might be fun for you to check out our Blog post about power zones while we’re on the subject. Check it out below!

You can’t. In 5 zones model Tempo, SweetSpot and Threshold are one zone 4. Zone 5 is vo2 max and anaerobic. That’s all. If you want analysis based on 5 zones - try

And remember that zones (or rather levels) should be only descriptive not prescriptive :slight_smile:

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On bikes you base your training zones off of power, not heart rate. This approach isn’t unique to TrainerRoad, but common across the bike industry. Heart rate is a secondary metric.

Many thanks for all answers.
So to be clear, here is what my HR/PWR zones looks like:
(My FTP is 171, MaxHR 211 (yes, 211 for 33yo men ;))

  1. Warmup/Recovery HR < 164, PWR < 101
  2. Endurance HR 164-180, PWR 101-138
  3. Tempo HR 180-186, PWR 138-154
  4. Threshold HR 186-193, PWR 154-171
  5. Anaerobic HR > 193, PWR > 171

I am really curious what medical testing protocol would do this and was it on a bicycle? Many stress tests are performed in a medical setting on a tread mill and those result would be quite different from those found for bicycle ergometer. In addition if the bicycle was not set up to your fit it might also impact the results. I am quite curious in how this was performed and why a medical test would provide these sort of zones. As for heart rate I once had a max HR in the 210+ range when I was much younger and quite fit. I don’t think my starting zone (zone 1) was that high though.

Yes, it was on bicycle - bicycle ergometer cylus2 and respiration measurement. The protocol used was 100-20, whatever this mean :wink: If fact it was ramp based test.
In general such high HR is normal for me, and it was observed for many years. Also, according to consultation with cardiologist, everything is totally ok with my heart and general health. Im also very very fit. For now it’s also impacted by recovery after break in trainings due to hand surgery. Normally HR will drop on about ~10-15bpm.

I assume 100-20 means a ramp test, starting at 100 watts and increasing by 20 watts every x minutes ?every 2 minutes? until exhaustion/ you can no longer hold the power. Thanks for the info to satisfy my curiosity. One more thing, I don’t see how threshold can be 154-171 and your FTP can be 171. But maybe I don’t understand the test, and therefore the range is up to you threshold/ FTP/CP. Typically the threshold range is 95-105% of the determined FTP but again that is in a different set of steps than your model. Just strange that the threshold does not have your FTP in the middle of it. I would suggest based upon normal zone models that your FTP would be 162.5 watts.

What was the cooling setup? I can’t imagine a medical setup was anywhere near what indoor cyclists would consider appropriate cooling for such a test. This could easily skew HR. I have 2 Lasko and 2 small fans on full blast for hard efforts. If I remove any of these my HR climbs for the same given effort.

Not to mention, HR is variable on many other factors to include, fatigue, sleep and caffeine intake. I don’t know that any single stress test/ramp test could dictate what your typical zones are. I’d rather have multiple workout sessions spanning different training zones, all on your typical setup before making any HR zone determinations.