CTL Drift during CX Race Season

Is there a rule of thumb for CTL % decline during a CX season. Due to family constraints and injury, as a Cat 2 Racing 40+ open here in Colorado, I started my season with a CTL of 50, very low in respect to those I am up against, either way as the race and recovery cycle get under way I am no longer able to build CTL but as I see I slip I wonder if there is a rule of thumb for a healthy decline, like 10-20% or so? I am well acquainted with TSB and ATL so don’t need a tutorial on it or a hard and fast number just wondering if someone has insight on this?

I think for CX season you have to listen to your body more than anything else. CTL and TSS during races doesn’t fully account for the whole body nature of them and doesn’t account for matches burned during runups etc.
Structure weeks around recovery from races 1-2 days completely off the bike or light spins, 1 maybe 2 intensity sessions, a day of skills drills, another rest day and then openers and you’re back to the next weekend for races again already