Relatively new to TR - CX race / training advice

Evening all- been on TR since June and seen a decent increase in FTP of 28w following SSB LV1, then into part of the short power build before cross season started in September.

We’re now 7 races into CX season and over an hour race I’m finding I dip off for about 2 laps at approx 45ish minutes before then picking back up for the final couple of laps. I’ve had this in the last 3 races, finishing all of them very well in comparison to my last two seasons.

By dip off, I’m mean dropping 10-15 seconds a lap and hr almost maintaining the same. No feeling of ‘needing a rest’ as this is cross, but find it strange it’s happened 3 times now.

I assume I’m missing something off my training, and have been working at Threshold or just over throughout racing. I’m racing sat or sun- Monday v easy / rest. Tuesday sweet spot, Wednesday Threshold, Thursday rest / easy, Friday vo2. I seem to respond better to vo2 late in the week, but is this the problem?

I’m limited in time so keep my sessions to 45mins to 60 mins tops. 30mins on rest say.

It sounds more mental than physical to me based on your comment about not needing a rest. Are you losing focus at all? Are you out in “no man’s land” by yourself or are you actively pursuing/trying to stay ahead of someone?

The increase at the end could be the last lap thing, sort of like the last interval, where you put in that extra effort because you know you’re almost done.

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This is normal following the I initial sprint off the line and hard first lap(s). Once you get over the bad lap you’re able to pick up the pace as it feels, but in practice the subsequent lap times tend to get slower with fatigue.Regarding your training week, Fridays are normally a rest day, not VO2. Thursday is used for skills practice or rest if racing on Saturdays, with openers on a Friday in that case.

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First time I was racing someone then got gapped by him. I wasn’t loosing focus.

Second time was no mans land racing myself. Perhaps lost a bit of focus as I was pushing hard!

I raced well this weekend and didn’t suffer- I was on my own again once I settled in!

What are you talking about? I ALWAYS suffer in cross races!! :slight_smile:

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Same here. It’s pretty much a sufferfest from the second the whistle blows until I cross the finish.

I only race a handful of cx races each year, but I’ve seen the same thing often. This past weekend my slowest lap was the next to last. For me I’m pretty certain it’s mental. I was actively chasing the second place guy, but had little pressure from behind.