Cronometer calorie discrepancies

New to indoor training. Using a Neotacx2. I’m wondering about something. The calories burnt according to TrainerRoad are way, way less than Cronometer would estimate for a given time and intensity. So of course I overwrite the Cronometer suggestion but I’m just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Or am I missing something?

I use Cronometer and have the opposite problem. I always just override the calories with the kj burned from the ride per my power meter.

Thanks for the response. It seems very interesting that we would have opposite experiences.

Sometime they add or subtract your BMR burn for the period you were exercising which can sometimes be the cause of the difference

Ah. If that is indeed the case, that makes sense. But, the disparity would still be an exaggeration of my BMR expenditure during the ride.

All I do is keep the things I use to measure consistent and then I know data set to data set comparisons are on the same level. That way it’s easier to adjust

The app estimates calories burned based on bodyweight and an assessment of difficulty. I’ve never put much stock into it and just used the kj from my pm.

What is pm?

Power meter