Croatan buck fifty

Has anyone done this race?

Ive considered it but havnt ever done it. Thats gatta be the flattest 150 miles youll ever do!

Grew up in NC so not a terrible idea to make a trip down for a ride! Im being somewhat ignorant since ive never done the race, but I wonder how much fun this would be. Sept in eastern NC is hot and humid as all hell. Ive brought my bike with me to the outer banks and its honestly boring as hell road riding there. I did a 60 mile ride last time I was down there and I think I did like 45 feet of elevation, and Id venture to say 40 of that was round trip on the same bridge.

The issue I have might be the sand. Sand is not fun to ride in

I think “racing” people and trying to hold wheels, plus the sandy sections would eliminate any boredom for you…unless you’re off the back or in no man’s land all alone.

OT I done this a few years back, 150 miles with 1000ft of climbing :open_mouth: The Croata buck Fifty looks more fun though :+1: Flatout in the Fens long | Velo29 Events

Unless you hate sand and mud, I am bias towards riding the whole bike race.

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I’m signed up for the buck fifty but kinda wondering how to categorize this event in TR – in the Adaptive Training plan. (I’m trying out TR more seriously for prepping for this.) Currently I have this race classified as a “Time Trial”, since it’s so flat that I assume it quickly becomes just about putting down pretty consistent power for a long time (looking at last year’s leaderboard, I’ll target 8 hours, but might be longer for me). Not sure if the drafting aspect would disrupt that power profile enough that I should call it something else (e.g. Century / Gran Fondo / Gravel ?)

I always just label it gravel and do sweet spot

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Just so I understand here (being new), does “do sweet spot” mean use a “sweet spot base” (I/II) plan? Or something more specific? I realize this question has little to do w/ Croatan, but I think I will follow suite and choose a more general type of cycling for this event, as that’s probably going to be the most useful for me going forward in the season, even if Croatan is particularly flat.

Sorry that is correct. I usually do sweetspot base. That doesnt work for everyone though.

I do sweetspot base since I live up north and dont have the ability to do long rides and I need to jam as much TSS as possible in. If I was new I might choose a century plan and let it direct you from there.

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