Garmin live segments & Strava

Bit of new device support!

I’ve switched to a Garmin head unit and saw the live Garmin segments option, I want to make one in Garmin connect to see it while out (and have a play with my new kit tbh!)

There isn’t a segment tab to create one in an existing ride, this is because I’m linked to Strava (or that’s how I understand it). I want to keep sending the rides to Strava since I use it to stay in contact with friends around the country but I don’t pay for Premium since I don’t use it for mapping or analysis.

Is there a method to get the rides to Strava but still use the Garmin segments? Maybe from Garmin to TrainerRoad to Strava?

You can export the gpx and use it as a route. Garmin segments are at best a half baked attempt to compete with Strava.

The live segments have been around forever but require premium and an internet connection during the ride to be useful for finding new ones.

When you plug in your Garmin Edge to your PC there should be a folder called segments on there. Export gpx files of your segments and save the segment gpx in the ‘segments’ folder. I still have my favorited segments from Strava back when I used to pay for premium. They still work offline, no need for an internet connection. This is/was on a Garmin Edge 530 I have since switched to the 1040s so don’t know if it works with that one as well but I can’t see how it shouldn’t. This way the segments are stored on your device instead of synced over from Strava so you don’t need any connection. Report if that worked for you.