Crash in a lower volume week


I got through the first three weeks of high volume traditional base 1 and was feeling great, but I crashed on the first day of the last reduced volume week.

I only have road rash so I can probably start riding again on Monday or Tuesday. Should I just start with the ramp test for taditional base 2 even though I’ve done nothing this week other than crash?


I would go through with the test. Couple reasons,

  1. being off a week and recovering would likely negatively impact your ftp, how much depends.
  2. Base training, especially traditional base, often doesn’t product ftp benefits, and can even drop your ftp (ymmv), so it’s possible that even if you weren’t injured you’d see a slight drop off in ftp. That combined with being off a week due to injury, suddenly what should be a z2 workout is pushing up against tempo.
  3. Ramp test is short, so even if you have to push it a day, you could complete that days scheduled workout.
  4. With the rest and recovery after 3 weeks of long z2 rides, you might even see a bump!

When in doubt, feel free to run the ramp test, it’s short and not that depleting.

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Do you really think a week will have that much of an impact? I don’t think you lose that much fitness after a week, and if anything it gives your body time to heal and recover. If he was looking at his stats on TrainingPeaks, his form number would probably be really high (avg fitness minus avg fatigue).

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I don’t think it would be in the realm of 5% but it could be 1 or 2 especially while the body’s recovering even from a relatively minor injury.

I don’t see any harm in doing the ramp test and I’m making the point that there are plenty of factors that can illicit different responses to ftp. Especially if you throw injury related rest into the mix.

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