Cramping in back and lats, post exercise?

Hello, I was curious if anyone else every experiences this.
That is post exercise if I am having a shower or doing some other movement where I may be reaching or stretching to get something (e.g. wash my back, twist and reach to pick something up, …) I can get a muscle cramp start to develop in my back and in my lats.
I do not get cramps while riding or in my workout.
I just find this curious and if there is anything I can do to not get these.
Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

How tightly are you engaging your back / lats / arms during the workout to stabilize your body? Do you notice this with certain workouts like vo2max / anaerobic intervals where you’re pushing more power and require more effort to stabilize your body?

I would hazard a guess that the solution is to relax your upper body during your workouts. Easier said than done depending on the interval intensity.

@Craig_G , I never thought it could be because I am holding tension or engaging my upper body too much. Originally I thought I may be dehydrated and or lost too much sodium in a ride. I have increased my fluids and also salt content in my bottles and it can still happen.
It is not debilitating thankfully but I have noticed it and have been curious to see if I could remedy.
Thanks for the suggestion.