COVID-19 Event Alternate, Worldwide Disaster 2020

Back by Popular Demand, and thanks to @mcneese.chad for passing the reigns over [just for this early event, because the “Annual” December event is still planned as usual]. . . COVID-19 Event Alternate, Worldwide Disaster 2020: The Official Launch!

So post away with your thoughts and feelings, we want to include and get as many TR users as possible riding at once on the same day. And with the possibility of doing D-Day as a group workout is exciting.

“Inspiring and satisfying. Difficult, motivational. Fun, challenging, rewarding. Epic, tough, character building. Team work.”

Last year’s Disaster Workout was a huge success, and soon it’ll be happening again!


  • COVID-19 Event Alternate, Worldwide Disaster Day: 5 September 2020

  • COVID-19 Event Alternate, Worldwide Disaster WEEK: 5-12 September 2020

  • What’s Disaster, you ask?

    • Disaster is Coach Chad’s workout inspired by the “kitchen sink” workout, (created by Hunter Allen) designed to include a little bit of everything.

Since it contains such a variety, it’s the perfect test of all systems – from aerobic all the way up to neuromuscular. If you have a weakness, Disaster will show you.
Thanks to generous help from Coach Chad, we have three official Disaster iterations:

The event is aimed at getting as many users as possible attempting this awe-inspiring feat of indoor testing. Choose your own level of challenge and join the community in some “self-inflicted torture.” We’ll be working to create a schedule with signups so you’ll always know when someone else will be riding with you.

Some other helpful resources from last year’s event:

Join us for COVID-19 Event Alternate, Worldwide Disaster 2020!


Q: Will there be another t-shirt?
A: We’re currently in the planning stages for a t-shirt for the 2020 event and, as with last year, all money raised through t-shirt sales will benefit World Bicycle Relief.

Q: Will there be a group workout version?
A: I think this is a great idea to get people together and help each other through D-Day.

Q: Will there be an outdoor version of Disaster available?
A: Not for 2020.

Q: Will there be a Disaster+1 version made available?
A: Disaster-2, Disaster-1, and the full Disaster are very difficult workouts. However, for those of you who feel you need even more we would suggest importing the full Disaster workout into Workout Creator and adding any additional intervals you feel appropriate.

Discord Voice Chat :
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I thought we had set date of 13th December for this year? Best change my plan builder :wink:


September is far too earlier for me… I’ll just solo it in December as I have done for past two years, my end of year event.

Relief! As of today I’ve got a 70.3 scheduled for Sep 6th, so unfortunately I cannot join the “fun”.

If Gdynia gets cancelled unexpectedly you can sign me up for the full beast on Sep 5th.

Im in for the third time!

Sounds like a terrible time, I’m game.

I still had plans to run the December version as well.


For clarity, the December event will still happen as previously planned.

  • This is an “early” version meant to be a filler for the lack of events from CV-19.
  • I have December 12th on mine, but it will be the whole week (Dec 7-13 to make it as open as possible).

Yeah I’m in for this, and it happens to line up great with the Rapha Women’s 100 :tada:

I’ve only done -2, maybe -1 this time. :sweat_smile:

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Can you change the title to call this a Covid-19 Cancellations Version or something?


I edited the title and some content to help make this more clear. We are still doing the “Annual” even in December.

Think I’m going to shoot for a -1 in September and join the main event in December with the full version. Who’s thinking -1?




such a terrible idea…I’m in! got sick for D-Day last December so I’m due for some punishment

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I keep trying to add it to my calendar as an event and Plan Builder is like No. Do you think it’s a sign.

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Maybe large scale group workouts will be available by then

There is already the option for 11 total riders in a group workout right now (Host + 10 Riders).

It’s likely plenty to have in one room. If there are more people than that at one time, just split it up into two or more rooms.

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I’m in. I hope to improve on my DNF from last Christmas :sweat_smile:.


HI All,

This is idea was brought to me in my darkest moments, and its great to see so many of us are willing to embrace the pain together. Together we are stronger.

Enough of that, this is a mid year (almost) COVID cancellation, goal. No matter your fitness levels, you can still participate. I am hoping we may have a COVID D-Day T shirt. What’s everyone’s thoughts on that?**

First, I’m in. Second I tried adding it to my calendar as workout and my plan didn’t adapt. I then marked up a A race with similar TSS and still my plan didn’t change. Am I doing something wrong (aside from wanting to do this ridiculous event AGAIN :wink: