COVID-19 Disaster Day?

And I’m in!


So since events are being cancelled all over the place, if I were to set a Disaster (probably -1 or -2 since I’ve never done this one before) or Rockhouse as my “A Event” for this cycle what sort of training plan would everyone follow leading up to it?

For reference I’m a triathlete so I follow those plans depending on event but have also completed SSB and Sustained Power Build. Also how do I join the team for this in TR?

SSB I&II, General Build, Rolling Road Race possibly? I always do Disaster at the end of SSB II and it works a treat, so anything else on top of that is gravy.

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Added you on Zwift, follow back and I’ll set meet up


As above, General Build is all you need besides your current Base and Sustained Power Build. It helps to hit the VO2 max a bit to get on top of the super hard sections in the end.

Here is the team, it should be open to join right away.


Not been following this well but still well up for full disaster, I’ll put it in my calendar when it’s clear (sorry if missed it)


Nothing firm set. I am planning more of a ‘series’ this time to cover more options for people. Likely something every other week.

I may well be doing Disaster -2 Sat April 4, and will post as soon as I settle on it.


Okay Aussies shall we set up a time for a CDD? Any of us keen? I am even if it’s solo

@artyhardwick @Fishmagnet @SomeCallMeTim @cerb @Jayacher @dodgeyhack @stevecassidy @DaveQB


Not sure, mate. They all seem awfully long. An hour and a half on the trainer is all I can mentally withstand at the moment.

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Yeah my training is chugging along pretty well. I don’t want to burn myself out on the trainer this early on, especially if racing and group training will be off for the foreseeable future.

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@SomeCallMeTim I break it into hour sessions that way I can reset, eat and re-hydrate. stretch if necessary. i did a 6hr block this way. I was cooked at the end but mentally more manageable. On a course like CCW on Zwift means you can easily re join.

Be super cool to have a Aussie CDD.

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That’s true. Let me know once it’s all organised. Depending on where it is during the block, I may join you lot :slight_smile:

robcumine: Good idea, since all the US-European times do not fit us. We could invite our East Asian neighbours?

I’ll join some session, at some level, and for some length! So long as it’s not a Monday or Friday [my recovery days].

Haha whilst completely destroying myself sounds like fun, probably not the smartest move for me right now.
I’m a mere 2 weeks back into riding after 4 months off with a fractured tibia.

I’ll catch the next one!!

I’m up to go Alpe doing a Tempo workout next tuesday


Ok, thanks!

Cool, what time zone you in ?

The 7th or tomorrow?

I’m at GMT-3. An hour ahead NY time.

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This workout was made to be on the COVID ride list!


(The -1 version might be more inline with social distancing protocols.)

edit: this is an actual real TR workout, not a homemade job. :+1: