COVID-19 Disaster Day?

When I click on the link it says the invitation is invalid. What am I missing?

I may have broken it by making changes to the channel after posting the original link.
Here is a new one (and I will update above as well):

Sorry if i am being a bit thick, but that takes me to Discord and I can sign up. What am I meant to join?

Once you have an account, it loads the text and voice chat server, that we use for these events. See the reference pic:

This is what I see. I appreciate your patience.

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Hey, trying to workout time difference. 9 am with u be 2 pm UK time?

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Yep, looks right to me.

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OK, round 3 (fingers crossed)

Ok, I’ll probably jump on board and chat on discord. Locked in ATM , poor trainer taking an awful hammering

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Nice, sounds good to me!

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Yeah. Working :tada: :grinning:

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Sorry I messed it up so bad, but glad it’s working now :smiley:

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B on Zwift as well if u or anyone else fancies meet up

@mcneese.chad trying to join the group but the discord link isn’t working for me. Keeps saying it is invalid. I created an account and everything so should be good to go. Thanks!

Ok, looks like those links were set to expire.

Here is one that should stay open.


I’ll pop on as well for at least 90 minutes! What route are you thinking?

Nothing in mind, maybe something long enough so not repeating same loop . New to Zwift so not familiar with all the routes

Fancy giving Alpe du Zwift a go?

Sounds good, what’s your Zwift name and I’ll sort meet up

I think it should be Z Willis