COVID-19 Disaster Day?

As covered in another thread, there is not total consensus on the effect (pos/neg) from training:

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So this image doesn’t seem to be correct now then? Genuine question, not trying to undermine the other thread.


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In short, the direct link to the other thread I shared (if you read the summary posted) seems to contradict the image you shared above. But as ever, that is my reading at the moment.

Please continue discussion in the other thread.

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:exploding_head: This wins. This is it, this is the winner.


I had the following in old thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Ray’s related suggestion on the most recent podcast:

  • Episode 102 (starts at around 8:00, TR specific around 9:40)
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For me it makes senso to reduce the number of the interval and maybe also their duration.

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Other suggestions of long but with some diversity of zones/intervals:


There are plenty of long TR exercices. 76 exercices over 2h30 but the endurance ones are too boring probably:


Recommend Rockhouse on 4/18 to coincide with when Sea Otter was going to occur. Also recommend doing something like DCRainMaker suggested in podcast 102 (as already cited above). Pick a date/time and let’s go!

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Cartago plus Rockhouse looks good a nice six hour session.

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Yes, but no.


Based on the recent full release of RGT Cycling Premium for free to any and all users, we may be trying to use this app for at least some the events we are considering. This may beat out Zwift just on the point that it is free.

I plan to test the premium features this weekend and see what we can do with them. Feel free to do your own testing and let us know what you think about the app and ways we can use it.


I’d still prefer Zwift. But could be persuaded to try RGT for this.

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I may be able to “double-dip” and run both apps at the same time to and essentially cover both bases.

I have to test my theory and how to sync it all.

Edit to add:
We may have something more “official” headed our way too…

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I did the Disaster Day in 2018, and even got a t-shirt. Missed 2019, but I’d be down to do whatever the group decides would work. I’ve been forced to close my gym so now I have more trainer time. (though I do also plan to hugely clean and paint the gym while there’s no members.)


We could make a:

- Disaster day/week:

- Rockhouse day/week:

- Cartago day/week:

- Cathedral day/week:

So we have:

  • Disaster as VO2 Max;
  • Rockhouse as Anaerobic;
  • Cathedral and Cartago as Sweet Spot.
    Some of them look quite similar ranging different training zone to me but they are marked as different training zones. Are they correctly cataloged?

Doing this every other week we will have surpassed two months :slight_smile:

Another issue, Disaster on the workouts page is showed as VO2Max exercise while -1 version as Threshold. Also we have twice the -1 version and no – 2 version available as you can see in the image:

Is there a “Disaster - 5,000” version I can try? :wink:

The “Double Disasters” is a result of the original “Team” versions that we used. And now that Coach Chad added them to the official TR workout library, we have doubles. Other than the noted issues, they are identical in use, so it really doesn’t matter which you pick.

I will look into what is needed to remove the old Team ones.