Coros Dura head unit

@dcrainmaker Ha! I just realized… Wahoo: Good bike computers, underestimated watch segment. COROS: Good watches, underestimated bike computer segment.


I think it is fair if Coros introduced analogs of the different GPS tracking modes that sports watches come with, where you can make different trade-offs on the battery life–accuracy curve. It is not cool to obscure that to customers.

It is weird that they felt it necessary to risk taking a hit in their reputation. I’d rather have great battery life (if possible), solid connectivity and data recording of the usual sensors and breadcrumb navigation than a so-so attempt at offline routing.

When I saw that Coros in its current state did not reliably display radar alerts (as was the case in @gplama’s video) that made it an unviable product for me. I rely on my Varia every single day I commute.

Yeah, that occurring really p*ssed me off. I’ve always just accepted that when there’s a radar connected that companies put the priority of that alert above all else.


I own a Wahoo Rival (got it on a clearance sale for 99 €). It is so obvious that Wahoo did a reverse Coros. Their UI paradigm follows that of a bike computer and it doesn’t quite work on the watch.

The Rival is missing two big features IMHO, automatically switching on the background light if you raise your wrist (so that I can read the time at night or in the dark) and a weather widget.

The Rival does have some nice subtle layers of polish, e. g. that in some workout modes seconds are larger than minutes to make it easier to hold a yoga pose or some such for a given amount of time.

Now shipping in September…. but there’s more to the story. Sigh.

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