Best Bike GPS under $500 (2024)


And the answer is???


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Probably at the end of the video & article? :wink:

I have not watched or read yet since I’m not actively shopping for them right now.

Say it with me … “It depends!”


Used Bolt v1 for the screen contrast and soft backlight.

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the conclusion of the Display & Screen section pretty much sums it up:

except for Training Load & Physiological Metrics, because only Garmin has that.

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I’ve tried all three (well only V2 of the Karoo) and they’re all great computers. Only reason I switched back to the Roam from the Edge was beep sounds for the Varia. For whatever reason I hear the tone of the Wahoo so much better than I can with the Edge. I’ve got hearing loss, was a machinegunner in the Marines, so I’m guessing I lost a bit more in whatever freq. the Edge sounds are.

It was a very striking difference.

It’s a good summary of the units…6 of one and a half dozen of the other. Beep here or a beeeep there in my case.


I’m in Emporia…ain’t nobody got time for that. :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I can’t wait to get past Unbound so I can dump my Garmin 840 Solar and go back to my Karoo 2. No way the Karoo would last the entire race, so I got the 840 for battery life. But once I am done with the race, I’m done with the 840, too.

The UI just doesn’t meld well with my brain and the constant struggle getting rides to upload is annoying.


I’m currently looking into upgrading from my old edge 810. I’m on the fence between edge 840 and 1030 plus. I can pick up the latter in a bundle some 50usd cheaper than 840.

However… is it worth investing in 30series in 2024? What are your thoughts?

The Garmin 1050 could be released next month. Garmin Edge 1050 (AMOLED) - Speculation

I would wait and buy the 1040. The 1050 will be expensiv as hell