New sports watch - which one? Polar, Coros or Suunto?

Hi there,
I’m in the market for a new watch. I was a Garmin user for many years (Felix 5) and left Garmin for several reasons and don’t want to go back to Garmin.
For cycling, I use a Wahoo bolt.
Currently, I own a Suunto 5, but I’m very disappointed with the watch but also the app. That’s why I was looking into other options.
One of the options is Coros, but I also looked at Polar.
What I don’t like about Polar is, that they don’t support ANT+.
I would really like something that also gives recovery advise, sleep tracking, 24/7 HR tracking (resting HR) and a app/web based option to track and look data.
I don’t think the Wahoo watch is an option as it doesn’t seem to to do any of the above well, and don’t offer an app that would let me look up these things either.
I would love to read experiences and also comparisons, thoughts, ideas…I hope for Polar to come up with great deals in the next days…Coros doesn’t offer any deals.
I don’t run a lot anymore as I had injury issues in the past but go for a run every once in a while. Is there any system that would communicate with the wahoo bolt? Or would I need to record on both, the bolt and watch?

Looking forward to your comments.

I’m eying the Coros Pace 2 which is incredible value for the money. The reasons why I didn’t pull the trigger are that it’s very run centric (I think VO2 max and a few other metrics react only to runs) and that there are no recovery metrics implemented (as of now). I’m hopeful that software updates bring some recovery metrics, but that might be just wishful thinking. The watch is capable of 24/7 HR tracking - it just doesn’t do anything with the info yet. I’m tempted to use HRV4Training with the watch as device to measure recovery. But I’m actually not sure if that will work properly. Chest straps are superior for accurate HRV measurements.

Btw you can download the Coros app and play around without having a watch. Probably the easiest way to figure out if it’s better than the Suunto app.

To my knowledge it’s unfortunately the later one. Recording on both. Happy to be proven wrong. I would love a solution as well.

I’m a huge fan of my polar vantage. The hrv and sleep score is a game changer. Plus does everything else I want and doesn’t have the cost of a true smart watch

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Can you share some more details?

Pretty close to whoop. Takes you resting hr hrv and sleep stages to tell u a score. Helps alot with a sleep routine

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If you haven’t done so please check Also worth checking is DesFit youtube channel

Do you use your watch to record your cycling in addition to yTR and/or cycling computer?

I have and it worked ok.but prefer my normal head unit

But how do you then get the recovery metrics right?

It doesn’t take that into account. But in reality it doesn’t matter your body only cares if its recovering and seeing adaptation.

If still don’t get it. Assuming I only cycle. Never record it on the watch. The watch would always think I am fully recovered as inherent never was any load? What do I get wrong?

The watch can track your workouts but in addition while your a sleeping it tracks your hrv and heartrate. Also your sleep patterns. These Three metrics can help u track recovery. Completely separate of your workouts.

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