CORE body temp sensor

I train outside in the dry heat of California, and also see a strong response to heat training. After some adaptation period in temps of 90-100F / 32-38C, I’ve learned that effective intervals can be done in temperatures between 88-92F / 31-33C.

The hardest intervals I’ll get up early and do them when temperatures on 70-80F / 21-27C. There is a noticeable boost in performance in these lower temperatures.

For myself, it takes 2-3 months to truly adapt. This year I’m going to try and extend the adaptations by taking a sauna bath 2-3 days/week. Looking at the 30 day forecast, I plan to start using the sauna in mid October.

You want to keep track of intensity and duration in heat zone. One of the protocols is to reach 39.5 and turn on the fans.

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Yes and no. The key point is getting the core temp to the right level, ambient room temp is not a good indicator.

Although, a sauna will definitely do it. I’m not recommending a sauna though!

You also don’t need to suffer unnecessarily either, you can use a fan but just need to moderate the fan based on core temp.

I think of the tech was cheaper we would all do this; but that is the rub. The next challenge not mentioned is that power zones reduce as your core temp increases. You can not sustain the same power with elevated core temps until your are accustomed. So, if you tried to bang out a sweet spot ride in a sauna you would suffer like never before, and you may never get back on your bike again :rofl:

Anyway, clearly I’m a fan and like the sensors. :+1:


You should get one. Just for fun!

I’m probably still going to buy that Moxy some day just because I want my own metabolic lab in a box. It’s my idea of fun.

and then it is this with the Core. 2 fans directed on me, no change in ambient temperature. Core temp rises for the first hour to a very unplausible value, drops sharply and stabilises on a plausible value. I’ve seen others report this, too. I don’t see this always.

In the fit file there is a core_quality field. WKO5 will show it. if you have WKO, what’s the corequality at the time the coretemp changes?

These seem to be on black Friday sale right now. I’m tempted, mostly because I REALLY struggle to output any decent amount of power in higher temperatures, and I’d like to do something to improve it.

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Honest Q you’ll need to answer….how would CORE help you improve this? All the steps you can do to moderate body temp you (I assume) already know….so you should be employing those tactics when the temps are high and you suffer. Knowing your exact body temp doesn’t change that.

I have a CORE and have rarely used it….I did use it pretty extensively for a couple of weeks last summer as I prepped for SBT GRVL and I did some specific heat adaptation training, but other than that, it has been more of a curiosity more than anything else.


I assumed it would assist in doing heat adaptation training.

OK, but how?

I’m not trying to be be difficult, just making sure you think through how you can use it before you drop some decent money.

Here is the simple guide: Heat Training for Sporting Performance – CORE

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Aye, that’s what I’d seen on the site. That’s literally what I thought the thing was used for.

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How are you folks using your CORE with training? It doesn’t show up on the TR dashboard so how are you getting the info into your training logs (TrainingPeaks, etc)?

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I record using my garmin device and look at the data in the core app. The swing arms on my sensor snapped this morning and if superglue doesn’t fix it I’ll probably just retire this device.

I did find the point where I could tell that I needed to back off doing efforts but this sensor was one alarm bell among many.