CORE body temp sensor

I’ve been really enjoying seeing under the hood (bonnet). I pretty much demanded a buddy of mine also get one and we have been enjoying doing indoor workouts (chicago) and talking about the effects of fans vs no fans, humidity, heat, etc.

Some insights: Core temp takes a while to ramp up, and a while to also come back down. Right as you get off the bike from a workout, core temp will still increase for a little while, sometimes faster than when riding. I didn’t expect that.

We’ve taken this writeup, and been doing workouts entirely uncooled, and sometimes purposely warmed up. I bought a thermo-hygrometer so I could see the actual conditions and have been keeping the humidity up with a couple of ultrasonic humidifiers.

I think I have been able to find a core temp above which my power really falls off. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots for a sample 10 minute interval on consecutive days. One done while not hot, one while at around 101f. You can see the difference.304 255

I’ve found that the heat and humidity doesn’t bother me nearly as much. The value of this in Chicago in January is of course debatable, but it is fun to try different things and learn what’s going on while getting through the cold season inside.

WKO5 has a coretemp dashboard, and you can add coretemp in just about any graph WKO generates. I’ve been adding screenshots to my rides so I can look back at them later. If anyone wants to take a poke at the rides with screenshots, my Strava is

The device itself is really well done. You never notice it. One thing you should source is a strong refrigerator magnet. To erase the history stored inside the Core, you swipe the magnetic charger against the back of the device itself. If you happen to forget to do that and are suited up to ride, and you want a nice iOS app graph of your ride without past history, you will need to strip down and erase the history with the charger UNLESS you have that fridge magnet. With it, you can erase the history through baselayer and jersey and whatever else you’re wearing.

Highly recommended device. I’m enjoying having it and having a truly new metric. It’s been a long time since there was data completely new to understand and integrate.

Some podcasts have covered it

10:00 in

Around 44:30

Entire thing

10:00 or so

this too

This is a good one too

Feel free to message or ask away forgot the link

I got mine a couple of months ago…have yet to be able to get it show up on my Garmin, so I had kinda forgotten about it.

Will dust it off again this week and see if I can figure it out.

The IQ data field just worked without tinkering on my 1030. There is an updated version dated Jan 3. Do you know how to assign/display the field once you’ve installed it?

Yeah, it is on my screen, but nothing comes up, even though the Sensor page showing it paired.

I’m going to remove everything and just start over and see what happens.