CoolMitt --> USD$1000

$200 discount available. I think at that price point there won’t be many takers on this forum. Here is my question: what is your price? At what price would you take a flier on this bit of kit?

Free trial.

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I forget which podcast it was, may have been huberman, but someone said they did a pull up test and had a few people hold freezing cold cans of coke between sets, and that group did substantially better in following sets than the group that did nothing but rest


I’ve thought about using ice packs between sets to get this effect. So my price is pretty low.

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I bet you could wear this while you did your sets on an indoor trainer.


Doesn’t seem like it would be hard. I’m just going to explicitly type this for the rest of the thread, but water temp 15C to 16C. Not freezing or even especially cold. Negative pressure is 40mmHg. All pretty nominal stuff. Shouldn’t be too hard to rig something up for a lot less than a Grover Cleveland.

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I used to work at a coal-fired power plant (13+ years ago) and it was miserably hot; they had something like this there at the time but it was much less polished and didn’t get a lot of usage. I remember it working well though.

Not trying to be a smart-ass, just curious. What the advantage of this vs a cold shower, for example? Is this for in-between sets? Is it different to holding soda cans (as mentioned above)?

Nah, I think you’re asking the correct questions! Don’t make me be the advocate for the product but I think the manufacturers would say that too cold and not enough negative pressure & the blood vessels in the palm will constrict, reduce blood flow, and negate the effect.

I linked the research page on their website & not the product page for a reason…you can read through the text on that page and convince yourself this is a really promising product. If you do, you should follow up with a quick search on pubmed and see if you still have the same opinion after a little more reading! ;-D

But it’s fun to talk about! And if I had one to tinker with I sure would give it a try. But I think the price is a little bit much even for an inveterate tinkerer like myself.

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Last time I had knee surgery they gave me an ice chest with a pump and a flat pack bag to wrap around my knee . The unit circulated ice water into the bag around my knee. Really didn’t see much difference than a large ice pack.
Pros use that nylon stocking filled with ice trick to stay cooler. Pretty inexpensive solution.

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In a sport where people spend $2k on ti jockey wheels with ceramic bearings, those mitts seem like a smoking deal (as long as I can wear them to my next coffee shop ride to show them off).

But seriously, there are some R&D and material/manufacturing cost in play here, the price doesn’t seem crazy to me. I think those normatec boots are around $1k and it wouldn’t surprise me if these mitts have more performance/training benefit. I’ve thought about looking into one of those cooling vests the pros use for warmup, the mitts seem like a similar principle on a smaller scale. If a little extra cooling allows a little more wattage for a little longer, that should be beneficial for training.

Not just pros. Here in Texas, we are filling the nylons with ice at every store stop during the summer and many people use them in races as well. Usually goes on the back of the neck and I’ll often fill all my jersey pockets with ice as well. It’s a temporary fix, but a huge relief when it’s really hot.

that earned Popular Link fast.

So far, @Crownan price seems to be about the median. Or maybe anybody who is willing to pay the price isn’t willing to say so publicly.