Cooling down after a hard workout

Hi all,

I am following my first structured plan and after the hard workouts I am a sweaty mess and it takes a lot of time for me to cool down and stop sweating heavily, I wanted to know if you can give me any tips on how to cool down.
I live in a tiny apartment with no balcony so it is hard to get some fresh air, which I guess it will help, also because of the tiny apartment being all sweaty force me to wait in the shower until it stops just not to get everything wet.


Are you using good fans during workouts?

Yep. Start with a GOOD fan. The more powerful and focussed the better. The thread at UK users looking for a Lasko fan, check this out... Thanks to Hugo1! has some discussion of some of the carpet blowers that people use.

Drinking a slushie (ie. finely chipped ice) can be an excellent way to (keep) cool, as it takes more heat to turn ice to water in addition to just the temperature.

Don’t just stand in the shower, have a cold shower to reduce your core body temperature. Perhaps don’t necessarily start with it cold (that would be miserable), but start warm, and reduce it so just the last minute is cold.

Thanks guys for the quick responses.
I am not using a fan for now, I saw the post about the fans but the Cleva ones, the only ones I found in Europe at a reasonable price, are sold out until late November. I guess I’ll get some cheap one until I am able to order a one.
I’ll try the slushie and let you know.

Yeah, I’m a fellow Sweaty Dude, whose pain cave is quite a few degrees warmer than the rest of the house, when done with a workout (this is with two weak standing fans and one utility fan on a table in front of me). If I didn’t have even this setup, I’d be in a world of hurt.

That being said, I still have to deal with cooldown, too. Really, I just resign myself to being a sweaty mess for 30 minutes afterwards, and I try to alleviate that.

  • I get out of my soaked kit, right away
  • I have a towel around my neck and another towel around my waist (look out, ladies!)
  • I drink cold beverages
  • I sit in front of another fan and look at my numbers from the workout, while crying softly

If I was dealing with even more residual heat, I might consider an icepack on the back of my neck and head, and possibly in between my thighs, to try and lower core temperature as quickly as possible. I’ve tried cool-to-cold showers and just end up sweating a few minutes after I step out – for me and my biology, I just have to let core temperature come down before I’ll stop sweating.

If I didn’t have a house where my pain cave was separated from the living area, I’d have to invest in a small air conditioner to try and keep the temp and humidity manageable.

I find standing or sitting in front of the fan for a bit after the workout helps a lot. You can also extend the cool down on the bike as another way to stay in front of the fan. That sweat is there to provide evaperative cooling so keep some air moving over you and put it to work!

This fan is an awesome cheap industrial strength floor fan. I would highly recommend.

I have 3 fans–a standing fan, a floor fan, and one of those Vortex fans that I have on the table right in front of me. The floor fan has a remote, so I can adjust as needed, but the standing fan doesn’t, so it just stays on throughout my workout.

I couldn’t do any HIIT workouts without them, especially during the summer when the a/c can’t keep up with the Texas heat.

Cold showers are great after a really hot, intense workout, outside or in.