Converting to outdoor: what about FTP?

So with the outdoor option for training rides (which is awesome), i’m wondering how to make sure i get the same stimuli since my indoor/outdoor FTP are different. For example, at the end of last year (when i last did an outdoor 20min FTP test) I was 15W higher outdoors than my indoor ramp test indicated, so I know my FTP is likely higher outside by some margin, maybe 5-10%. If i’m supposed to hold sweet spot, 10% can be a large difference in stimuli, no? couldn’t that turn a SS interval into an endurance interval? Should I ramp up the intensity by 10%?

I have the same dilemma.

My solution has been to do an outside FTP test and manually set that as my TR FTP. That’s gonna be most accurate for tracking my TSS anyways, since most of the riding I do is outside. Then if I do an indoor ride (which is rarely) I drop the intensity by 10%. Only issue is that it would show a TSS that’s approx 10% low for the ride, but in the training calendar you can click on a completed ride and lower the FTP for that specific ride to whatever is correct.